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“Cats” Positioned For Sweep of The Razzies


The troubles of highly-criticised film Cats continue as it leads the way at this year’s Razzies.

The awards, a tongue-in-cheek response to the Oscars, celebrates the worst of the year’s cinema. After being critically panned and losing millions at the Box Office, Cats received 8 nominations at the Razzies – the most nominations received by one film – including ones for worst picture, screenplay and director.  More

7 Comments on “Cats” Positioned For Sweep of The Razzies

  1. I read a story last week that “Cats” is turning into a modern day “Rocky Horror Picture Show” with audiences interacting with the movie, singing and dancing, dressing up and throwing things at the screen. So bad it’s bad..but a potential cult classic.

    I saw Rocky Horror a lot while in art school. How could you not! “…and then a step to the right!” 🎶

  2. Illustr8r, the one and only time I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show my wife and I went with another couple and they had a bunch of supplies. I ended up throwing a hot dog that went through the movie screen and we got kicked out. I still don’t know why we did that. What the hell is that movie about? Oh yeah, it’s possible the hot dog was still frozen.


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