Cats Sensing Earthquake Before It Really Hits

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  1. I remember my cat, the really dumb one, during the earthquake in Mineral, VA. He kept smashing his head on the black cover at the bottom of the dishwasher trying to get under it.

    We were about 20 miles from the epicenter of that quake that did damage to the Washington monument and was felt in NYC.

  2. On several occasions HC#1 alerted me to earthquakes, and aftershocks as well. That was a Good Cat.

    RIP, Flimsy.

  3. In all likely hood the cats were feeling the primary waves. (Smallers less violent waves) that travel faster than the secondary waves ( more violent waves) the time between the arrival of the two waves is used to triangulate the epicenter of the earthquake.

  4. God gives His animal children extra gifts that He withholds from us. For a good reason I’m sure.


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