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CBC Writer Threatens Trump’s 4-Year-Old Granddaughter

CFP: Conventional wisdom dictates anything a Canadian can do an American can do better. Not always the case. After Peter Fonda posted a tweet saying 12-year-old Barron Trump should be ripped from his mother’s arms and put in a cage with pedophiles, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation comedy writer did the 78-year-old over-the-hill actor one better. If Fonda thought it was cool to threaten a 12-year-old, Patrick Dussault took to Twitter and directed his threats to Chloe, Donald Trump Jr.’s four-year-old daughter.

Following Fonda’s tweet, Dussault tweeted, “Don’t worry, we’re coming for Chloe too.” It’s tempting to say “what a guy!” but we have a lot of genders up here in Canada so his actual gender is unknown. As the coward ze is, Dussault deleted the tweet but as we all know, nothing ever completely disappears from the Internet.

One of the first to pick up the tweet was actor James Woods who sent the disgusting threat against the four-year-old to Donald Trump Jr. and the Secret Service.

As others who get their jollies making threats and other inappropriate comments on social media do when they get caught, Dussault tweeted an “apology” after his original tweet gained attention.

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  1. I see comments on that website calling for his firing, and worse.

    Best move is to just broadcast this as far and wide as possible to inform and motivate the right.

    Just like Melania Trump wearing the jacket – let them make fools of themselves to show what fools they all are. We really don’t need to do much else.

    Punishing this idiot would only serve to bring out his defenders. I’d rather they just shut up and be intimidated from trying to emulate him.

  2. I hereby give 4chan, 8chan and all ANONS full on open the hatch doors assault on these mofos…3″ dia. canon my day.

    Waiting for the whites of the eye is too late…open up on HIM and them. NOW.

    Before the net, he would have been flooded with Book Club subscriptions or a good CD club. Jamb up that mailbox.



  3. If I ran into that guy in person and I thought I had a good opportunity to ram my switch blade into his eye and get away with it, he’d be one screaming semi-blind motherfucker in seconds.

  4. @ PlainJane – and all other IOTW MAGA patriots.

    I have to correct what I said.

    These bastards are WAITING for US to go ‘Rambo’. That would be a mistake.

    This way the LEFT can say “look, they want this..they are the radicals”.

    We have to be careful on moving forward.

    Let them self emulate first.

    Trust the USS DJT.

    Full out sails, targets fixed.

    MAN your station, rough seas ahead…


  5. My grandfather and a few of his trusted associates made it their business to handle matters like this back in the early part of the previous century. The vast forests of deep East Texas back in those days were without adequate law enforcement, so it was up to the sawmill communities to deal with social problems and also with threats to innocent and vulnerable people. They were very effective at their efforts and the communities were very peaceful for the most part. They would chat with the offending party and make it very clear that there was “no future” in continuing their behavior.

  6. President Trump has the ability and resources to (privately) destroy this douchebag. If I were him, I would do it. But then, I’m not as nice as he is.

  7. If there is ever to be a future stable society… there will be a statue for James Wood…. and Admiral Mike Rogers…among other patriots.


  8. Words cannot express…

    But certainly he should now NEVER again in be allowed into our country for what remains of his lifetime. And regarding the retraction by “ghost of col j glover” I would suggest they be given what they are asking for depending on the opportunities to do so. Good people close to or connected to those threatened by this type of scum (apologies to “scum”) have their hands tied while strangers do not.

    While these turds (apologies to “turds”) will always apologize, there is no way in hell that it can be believed, as in “Sorry I got caught.”

    I must stop now before I can no longer go on in my gentlest, customer service friendly way…

  9. I’ve been posting about this lately. This fool uses the “emotional” excuse. Emotion is what drives these people and it’s used very effectively to steer them by the LSM and DNC. When emotion dictates your behavior all logic and reason go out the window and the only thing that matters is their feelings. “Oh, I was so moved I just had to do something…anything was better than nothing!” This has to be the weapon we use against them. Without logic and reasonable thought they will continue to make irrational decisions. DJT knows this and is exploiting it very effectively. I know each of you has probably witnessed first hand the irrational behavior of seemingly normal and intelligent people. It’s their Kryptonite. Use it!

  10. LocoBlancoSaltine JUNE 23, 2018 AT 7:04 AM
    I say we open the Office of Hambone to address this issue! 🙂

    It’s coming…

  11. Yes. Continue to welcome their derangement.
    It will only further expose them and fortify our position.
    These emotionally stunted people are not the sane, caring individuals they make out to be.
    The Left is appearing more and more like a stalker ex-wife who just. can’t. let. go.
    Should we get a restraining order?

  12. How much time and money did Mark Stein spend defending himself against the same Canadian speech police that were OK with this?

    Will Canada be fighting a civil war too, or is it already lost?

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