CBP Air and Marine agents confiscate a record of nearly 20 tons of narcotics in two months – IOTW Report

CBP Air and Marine agents confiscate a record of nearly 20 tons of narcotics in two months

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations agents stationed out of Jacksonville, Florida, and Corpus Christi, Texas, confiscated a record 20 tons of narcotics and other drugs in two months.

CBP said AMO agents from the Florida and Texas bases seized nearly 37,887 pounds of cocaine and 1,518 pounds of marijuana in international waters between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022, worth an estimated $77.3 million.

Twenty tons, 40,000 pounds, is roughly equivalent to the weight of a full school bus or loaded coach bus. more

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  1. This is OT, but thought some folks here might like to know:

    Gerard Van der Luen of AmericanDigest has recently been moved to hospice care with late stage, metastasized cancer.

    As Gerard is a personal friend of ours, it is with a very heavy heart that I relate this. If you’d like to send a message to him, his youngest brother and others who are able to visit him have been sharing those messages with him as he is able. Gerard has been experiencing severe pain, and so he is on heavy pain meds, but when he’s not resting, he’s been able to enjoy the many well wishes from so many whose lives he touched.

    Geoff C. “geo-cached” Gerard when he was living on Queen Anne Hill, based on some essays Gerard wrote about his neighborhood surroundings and what he could see from his front porch. One such essay included the location of a school playground — and that really narrowed down the search. Needless to say, Geoff C. walked up to a guy cleaning his red Mercedes one afternoon and asked, “Are you Gerard Van der Luen”, that that was the beginning of our fast and strong friendship with an amazing human being.

    We rejoice that Gerard came to know Jesus really, really well in the intervening years and we have no doubt that he will be waiting among the saints when we fold up our tents and make that final trip.

    (sorry for the interruption)


  2. Sooooo basically it sounds like we’re running a warehouse operation with Warehouse Management System Analysts, Warehouse Security Supervisors, a few Forklift Drivers to handle the pallets of documents with Loaders and Unloaders and of course warehouse inventory clerks to record everything… but no one doing anything about the real problem – – the border!!
    Great! That’s juuuuuuust fukkin wunderful!!

  3. What the hell? We got a couple million radical Muslims sittin on their worthless asses sucking up welfare dollars as they bad mouth Christian America. Put those lazy bastards to work cleaning up our drug problems. Win-win.

  4. one ton equals 907,184,740 milligrams (mg)
    twenty tons equals 18,143,694,800 mg
    The average daily dose of heroin is estimated to be 300-500 mg. Addicts usually inject heroin 2-4 times per day.
    If the confiscated drugs were all heroin, which I realize it is not, that would between 60,478,982 and 36,287,389 doses.
    Some of the drugs are fentanyl, which has a much higher potency and would result in vastly higher numbers of doses.
    I think there is enough of this shit in our country already.

  5. “Does anybody else ever wonder what happens to all those drugs after they’re confiscated?”

    I don’t. Me and Dad make out like champs!

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