CCP won’t sell Genocide Olympics tickets to the general public because, WuhanFlu

RAV: The Beijing Winter Olympic Games that start next month announced Monday they will not be selling tickets to the general public due to COVID-19 concerns. 

Initially, individuals living on mainland China were the only people allowed to purchase tickets for the event, but the Organizing Committee for the games has now revoked that plan, citing “the current grave and complicated situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In a statement Monday, the committee wrote the new policy is being put in effect to “ensure the safety of all participants and spectators.”

Instead of being able to purchase tickets, select members of the general public will be invited by the committee to attend the games in person. Those individuals will have to “strictly abide” by COVID protocols “as pre-conditions for the safe and sound delivery of the Games.” more here

12 Comments on CCP won’t sell Genocide Olympics tickets to the general public because, WuhanFlu

  1. BOYCOTT the olympics…well you could send that fukindyke with the purple hair on the soccer team…they can keep her commie ass!

  2. When the fading beauty holds her virtue in too high a value, the beaus who used to swarm around drift away.

  3. Isn’t that what you say when everyone starts canceling their china Olympics vacations???

    No One should be permitted to go to china and comeback without spending 30 days in solitary quarantine upon re-entry to the USA.
    Doesn’t matter if your a politician, athlete, media or spectator.
    You can’t trust the CCP.
    Don’t be a Phase 2 super spreader.

  4. No Momma…

    I agree. Wasn’t it last week they were saying something like ‘hemorrhagic fever’ is going around over there? Quarantine for 30 days…the housing is ready and waiting in the state of Washington.

  5. I haven’t watched an Olympics ever since 2 or 3 black guys dissed America back in the 70s. Don’t own a TV either.

  6. Well isn’t that interesting? Wet market Olympics may be compromised for some unknown and inexplicable reason.

    If you are super stupid you would participate or attend.

    Up to you.

    Hopefully Joe Biden attends. Have a bowl of bat soup and lick the bowl clean, Joey.

    Olympics in China,

    Pffffft. Have double fun you drooling idiot.

  7. We wouldn’t even be hearing about this if they could hide it somehow. If you looked at their stats early on it appeared they were exempt of covid, along with North Korea.


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