CCTV Video Shows Uvalde Police Unit with Heavy Weapons and Ballistic Shield Inside School 19 Minutes After Shooter Entered – IOTW Report

CCTV Video Shows Uvalde Police Unit with Heavy Weapons and Ballistic Shield Inside School 19 Minutes After Shooter Entered

Police Waited Another 58 Minutes Before Engaging Shooter.

In a very disturbing update to the story.  KVUE has outlined a new timeline with the details from the CCTV system, showing the police had all the resources they needed to deal with the shooter, yet they stood down for an additional 58 minutes and waited. 

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  1. I’d love to have the opportunity to ask these two dip shits a couple questions. The first being, you did realize children were being murdered, butchered, while you were standing around with your thumb up your ass right.

    I heard some Sheriff describing his departments new procedure for school shooters. It was, throw the tactical hand book in the garbage, everyone in, go kill the bad guy. Perfect

  2. Another lie gone.

    But no one is prosecuted, or even fired.

    So sick of this shit. Can’t even stand to look at those posing cowards cosplaying as actual cops.

    I hope they hear the screams of the dying children they were paid, bribed, or threatened to ignore in every dream they have for the rest of their worthless lives, so loud they never can rest easy again, and that they hear those screams for all eternety in the bottom of the well of hell they so richly deserve.

    May they see the blood of children in every bite of food they pay for with their undeserved paycheck, that they smell the blood of those children on the uniforms they disgraced, may the badge they don’t deserve burn them every time they try to pin it over their craven hearts, and may the betrayal of their oath torture them to madness and an early grave with no hope of salvation or redemption.

    Go to hell you oath breakers.

    May you lives be hell and your deaths take you there for all eternity.

  3. Every one of those cops should change their name and move as far away as possible. There are enough distraught parents of all those poor children that the odds are very high that at least one is going to snap.

  4. SNS

    “ But no one is prosecuted, or even fired”

    That’s how you know the Fibbies we’re behind it.

  5. This is EXACTLY what happens when police officers are hired based up quotas & affirmative action and NOT actual qualifications.


  6. And these are the same assholes who would come to YOUR house in the early morning hours and ask you to surrender YOUR guns! FUKEM!

  7. I’ve lost several friends over the past 50 years that had taken part of NO-NOK (No Knock early hour raids on suspects) and they were good cops trying to take down bad guys. But this new breed of LEO is only looking ahead at a civil service retirement and to hell with the innocent civilians or their Constitutional Rights!

  8. all waiting while standing outside an unlocked classroom door…do any of these pieces of shit have kids or a conscience?


    If those guys show up for our weapons, they better bring plenty of replacements because they’re going to need them.
    My cop buddies were telling me ten years ago that the level of new recruits just sucked. I can only imagine what it’s like now after all the anti cop bull shit. All those cop buddies retired early and none of them have a good thing to say about Law Enforcement these days.

  10. @Brad Most of my FIL’s law enforcement local friends and neighbors have retired early and have moved away to Florida, Idaho or Wyoming.

  11. Every Lefty: “I only want the cops to have guns where schools are concerned.” (while hating cops, no less.)

    Every sane person: F U ! We know that means more death and destruction.

  12. The whole dept. should be in jail. You know they were paid off well to do this chicken shit thing.

  13. @ Brad JUNE 21, 2022 AT 7:26 PM

    # 1 son just quit his police force. For reasons we all know.

    I’m both sad and relieved. He’s going to pursue being a helo pilot now.

    Looks safer, to me. Much more fun too.

    Told him I want a helicopter flight hunting hogs before I check out of this world.

  14. Dadof4

    You’ve got to be relieved. So many of these recruits, correction, the vast majority of these new recruits are college indoctrinated Libtards who hate guns. Well how good are you going to be in a gun fight if you’ve spent most your life hating guns. Maybe an unforeseen consequence of the states efforts to control us.

  15. @ Brad JUNE 21, 2022 AT 8:38 PM

    The only sadness is his life-long desire and joy to be police was extinguished by the current politics. He made detective two years ago and found no joy there either.

    When I heard he made that rank, I knew I couldn’t find joy going through reports and contacting countless people from a desk to put things together. I wondered how long he’d fare in that mode.

    Hell, I find no joy in contacting current customers just to set regular service appointments that are due. Responding to urgent needs is much more rewarding.


    Yeah, buddy. I’m on my way.

    The unknown info about his situation was learning the range of his wife’s earnings two weekends ago. No wonder he wasn’t worried about keeping up with a home on the golf range. He’ll be fine. He’s pursing his passion and his kids are exceptional.

    He out-did me as a father.

    Bonus: 4th Grandchild was born today. 3rd son’s second daughter.

    I’m a happy, thankful, and blessed man.

  16. “He out-did me as a father.”

    I doubt it. Although sometimes I do get that. Me and the misses got our first Grand Daughter 8 weeks ago. Kinda of fun watching your kids and their girls get all responsible and shit. The daughter in law and my wife are joined at the hip. So that’s all good.
    My dad use to say the problem with being a parent is you really only get one shot at it. Truer words.

  17. There should be no doubt that the entire malicious vicious act was engineered by democrats (again) and the stand-down order issued by democrat politicians. All for the sick and evil purposes of blaming the right. Fact is, and unbeknownst to democrats, the shooter wrote in his diary that he worshipped the left’s authoritarian creeds. Hidden by media though caught and seen by the public.

  18. I can understand why anyone wou!d leave the force when they are simply fodder at the whims and mercy of disingenguous lawyers and political Dipshits!


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