CDC Continues To Project Wu Flu Deaths Downward


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just readjusted the COVID-19 death numbers. They’ve dropped significantly, causing many people to wonder what the heck is going on.

The number of coronavirus dead went from 60,000 U.S. deaths to 37,000.

The more inflated number is being called a “gaffe.” More

16 Comments on CDC Continues To Project Wu Flu Deaths Downward

  1. The “inflated” numbers undoubtedly were provided by Cuomo and his band of Merry Democrat Governors to hook onto the public tit provided by Uncle Sugar (never let a good crisis go to waste)!

  2. Looks like the Chinese Disease Company was wrong again. Time to start dropping these ignorant, stupid, and dangerous stay at home orders and open things up again.

  3. Can we just shut down and disband this useless 3rd rate expensive centers for “disease control”? If these nosepickers dont have a sensible program for national viral outbreak at their fingertips, and they cant forecast or count accurately, why do we need it at all?

  4. FACEBOOK fact checkers have already tagged this half false. They are working overtime now

  5. I HOPE I catch the corovid18 so I can sue Trumpfurrerhitler for violating my right not to be raped by the virus of his Chinese cronys.

  6. “I HOPE I catch the corovid18 so I can sue Trumpfurrerhitler for violating my right not to be raped by the virus of his Chinese cronys.”
    Who would want to rape a hag that looks like RBG?

  7. Demwitocrats governors keep counting every death in their state as Coronavirus related. They could care less about the CDC reporting the COVID numbers are low. That means less federal funding for blue states.
    Governors like the leftist NC Gov. Cooper, is basically only relying on his lock step NC science “experts” who keep saying it’s not yet time to end the stay at home order. Seriously, doubt the NC lockdown will end May 8th as scheduled.

  8. As if the evil of Demonrats needs more validation, NY has been deliberately padding the count with instructions to count all elderly deaths as Wu Flu and not allowing proven therapeutic cures in order to increase the death counts.

    The satanic bastard governor CommieO also deliberately sent patients with Kung Flu back into nursing homes to murder even more elderly.

    It’s a win win for these devil worshipping bastards as the elderly tend to vote for PDJT. What better way to get more government funding while hurting PDJT?

    In Commiefornia Gov Loathesome just sent a billion tax payer dollars to the ChiComs to pay for faulty masks, while Garcetti bought millions from Honeywell for 75 cents a piece. Demonrats have been doing this sleight of hand overseas for decades using trade agreements and foreign aid as their modis oprandi for laundering and kickback of slush funds.

    Demonrats are satanic corrupt murdering demons from the pit of hell. Finally with their fascistic overreach on China flu they may pay a price as the Blue State American people are starting to see just how terrifying their communist control actually is.

  9. The CDC is trying to “save masked-face”. Following Chinese culture for a Chinese virus. iow, trying to avoid total humiliation.

  10. Cassandra Shapiro-Dawes – Cautionl! The CDC reports that corovid18 impacts Men & Women more than all other genders combined!

  11. Everyone at the higher levels in state and federal as well as the international government (UN) wanna be’s is engaged in a massive ass covering event. They massively pissed their panties and have now kept them full for political reasons. This is a nasty flu the ChiComs released on us, with malice aforethought. It hasn’t caused as many deaths as the Hong Kong flu did in ’68, though it may in the end.

    This started as a strong yet misguided fear reaction, morphed into a great political ploy (crash the economy, get rid of Trump) and now the US commies are trying to blow the number of deaths up to justify their sordid, heartless actions.

  12. The 37,000 number is to Apr 25 and is a count of death certificates listing the Wuhan Flu as cause of death. So 10 days old data.

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