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CDC Finally Admits Cloth Masks Were Always Political Theater

Mask mandates have always been more about showing compliance than keeping people safe, and the CDC’s latest embarrassing disclosure further proves it.

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  1. On Tucker last night he had video of homeless all over LA.
    I noticed many of them had masks hanging around their goddamn chins!

    Tells you everything about how fucking evil & pervasive our government is.
    Can’t get the sick bastards to not do drugs and kill people but they better mask the fuck up!

  2. Do you have a good link to the story? Here is a recent post (although the study posted last summer) about mask effectiveness, showing that cloth masks are essentially useless. And also that N95 masks only provide 3.4% effectiveness when loosely worn, as children would.

  3. And reading today the Biden Admin distributing 400 MILLION “free” N95 Masks to the American public. Probably to distract from the failed logistics and distribution of all the “free” Rona tests …

  4. Jarhead, I read that if you live in an apartment or condo the dummies who made the website can’t differentiate individual apt numbers.
    That means a condo or apt with 500 residences gets exactly one set of masks to the first person to apply. The next? Shit outta luck!
    Sums up biden* perfectly…

  5. The study above also notes this:
    “…increased ventilation/air-cleaning capacity significantly reduces the transmission risk in an indoor environment, surpassing the apparent mask filtration efficacy even at relatively low air-change rates (∼2 room volumes per hour).”

    Although at this point I am just figuring that everyone will get it. Which many experts have said since the beginning.

  6. How many dead whales, porpoises and turtles will wash up on beaches all around the world with these things stuck in their throats for the next few years.
    Straws are BAD!!!!!, but masks…..

  7. But they make great street art and keeps me busy digging them out of my hedges.

  8. And who’s calling out “Dr. Science” for recommending wearing multiples ?

  9. As the president of Amalgamated Robbers and Looters Local 666, I must protest any relaxing of mask mandates as detrimental to our membership. Mask mandates protect our members from the transmission of COVID 19 as well as identification by various security cameras.

    As a compromise, we would tentatively support a relaxing of mask mandates as soon as more Soros financed prosecutors are elected. As effective as masks are for our occupation, nothing beats having morons like the DAs in San Francisco and Los Angeles in charge.

  10. The left must be made to PAY for all the harm they’ve done to humankind on this planet.

    For every suicide of a sane person who couldn’t take this insanity, 3 high profile leftist should be hanging by their necks.

    For every child harmed by this venomous ‘vaccine’, 50 conspirators (from Big Pharma, Congress, etc…) should be shot by firing squad.

  11. After this news came out I noticed seeing at least 12 different double maskers out and about doing weekend errands in a no mask mandate state where I haven’t seen double masking for six months. There is no saving some of these people.

  12. This had everything to do with conditioning and they were also interested in sorting out those who simply will tell them to go fuck themselves. It had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with public health or stopping the spread of the virus.

  13. @JDHasty
    I suspect that we’re on somebody’s list somewhere because we haven’t been vaxed and don’t wear face diapers.

  14. The mask will mark the target.

  15. Masks are like GPS for finding people to avoid.

  16. I gave up counting how many times I was censored last year for pointing out that cloth and paper ear loop masks are useless.

  17. And social media creeps “fact checked”, censored and even suspended/removed accounts saying this same exact thing.
    This “pandemic” was the fascists dream come true.

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