CDC issues eviction moratorium extension after Democrat outcry

Since when does the CDC get to make law and demands???

The Hill: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday issued a moratorium on evictions targeting areas of the country with high levels of COVID-19 transmission, extending an eviction ban for much of the nation just days after a blanket moratorium had expired.

The CDC order applies to counties experiencing significant levels of virus spread, defined by the agency as 50 to 100 cases per 100,000 people. A congressional source said the order will likely apply to roughly 90 percent of the renter population in the U.S.

The order will expire on Oct. 3. It was issued after days of back-and-forth between the White House and congressional Democrats over who was responsible for extending the moratorium while scores of Americans faced uncertainty about potential removal from their homes.

“A surge in evictions could lead to the immediate and significant movement of large numbers of persons from lower density to higher density housing at a time in the United States when the highly transmissible Delta variant is driving COVID-19 cases at an unprecedented rate,” the CDC order states, citing data showing that just under half of households behind on rent believe they could be evicted in the next two months.

“Evicted renters must move, which leads to multiple outcomes that increase the risk of COVID-19 spread. Specifically, many evicted renters move into close quarters in shared housing or other congregate settings,” the CDC order states. “These moves may require crossing state borders. According to the 2017 Census Bureau American History Survey, 32 percent of renters reported that they would move in with friends or family members upon eviction, which would introduce new household members and potentially increase household crowding. Studies show that COVID-19 transmission occurs readily within households.”

President Biden acknowledged at a news conference earlier Tuesday that the CDC order may not hold up in court. But he argued it would minimally buy time for state and local governments to distribute aid to renters and landlords. more

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  1. If the leeches would pay their fukcing rent they wouldn’t need to worry about eviction.

  2. In my City, Louisiana, the City Marshall says the eviction moratorium is mostly ignored. They can’t evict for non payment but they can evict for violation of the other terrs of the lease. Parking on the grass, no pets so he says the evictions continue as usual

  3. Imagine being the owner of a residential rental small business. You know, like owning a few homes that you rent out. What if your tenants have been squatting for over a year and completely trashing your properties knowing full well they will be evicted eventually. This is going to destroy your business, if it hasn’t already.
    The commercial and residential rental real estate industries are teetering on the verge of collapse. This may bring down the rest of the economy with it.

  4. The CDC (Center for Democrat Control) has no business or authority to make law or to direct land owners how to use their property. There are no statistics that I’ve seen regarding the damage that has been done to small investors (or large) that have structured their retirement around the rental property investments.

  5. OH! That’s right… CDC stands for the: Center for DemocRAT Control!
    Silly of us to think that it has anything to do with Disease!

  6. Anybody who wants to work can find a job quickly in certain businesses. Get up and do it.

  7. This is why I sold my old house instead of renting it out.

    Democrats make everything suck.

    …and later, they’ll complain about all the foreclosed, unmaintained, abandoned houses in POC neighborhoods from landlords who couldn’t pay the mortgage, and blame White Supremacy and Climate Change for the homeless and never connect it to THIS crap AT ALL…

    …and COVID sure is all purpose, nicht wahr? Eviction might make people with COVID roam the streets so its the CDC’S purview, although the GIGANTIC homelsss populations in places like SF and all the homeless illegals coming across the border somehow are NOT…

  8. So when our guy gets back in the white house we can just tell the SCOTUS to pound sand too right? Unbelievable.

  9. Funny how they were getting $600 extra a WEEK and STILL couldn’t pay rent. How did they manage prior to the lockdown?? I’d have to burn the house down if I owned a rental.

  10. Fucking moron down the street was buying four wheelers, pickups etc while not working or paying rent. The owner of the rental is beside himself. I am laughing my ass at this particular situation, the owner of the property is a big mouthed lib shitfinger who deserves to go bankrupt.

  11. The next crisis will be rent forgiveness for all the poor suffering masses who are unable to pay their back rents. Then there will have to be be a bailout of evil landlords who exploited their tenants by demanding back rents. Finally, we will end up with a national rental administration to oversee all rental property in the US, placing tenants, accepting rents, paying landlords, etc.. In election years it will double as a ballot distribution and collection center, and vote counting service.

  12. This has already been ruled outside the scope of the CDC’s authority, hence ILLEGAL and UNENFORCEABLE.

  13. @ Name withheld by court order AUGUST 4, 2021 AT 1:39 PM

    Seize all assets first, ten we can talk about paying it back. I’m not in a forgiving mood.

  14. Can someone tell me of just one abc government department that isn’t a pile of horse crap?
    Hell these days the EPA isn’t even at the top of the list.

    Just read the FDA is going to fully approve Pfizer in September, the shot that has caused the most deaths and the shot that has been the biggest failure of the 3 on getting so called covid. It also happens to be the one that has passed out the most campaign contributions to both parties and the one that so many government pukes own stock in.

  15. The FAKE President, FAKE CDC, promoting a FAKE VIRUS, endorsed by a FAKE MEDIA.
    Anybody that still believes this $hit, is to STUPID to draw breath.
    Just donate your 22 sq. ft. of skin and quit wasting it.

  16. The left again shows that they are multiple steps ahead of us at any given time.

    Congress recesses letting the moratorium lapse and sane people nod their heads in agreement that it had to done. The Band-Aid must be ripped off at some point.

    But the communists had already decided that the CDC would extend it. The communists know it’s illegal, the head of the CDC knows it’s illegal, even Biden himself has said it’s not legal.

    But they have created a scenario where anybody that attempts to reverse this or even criticizes this will be labeled far above any labeling they have ever received prior. There will be new “ists” along with all the others we’ve heard for it seems like forever that will be screamed from the rafters. The media will of course do it’s part.

    We’ve had it broken off in our asses again and it’s not going to stop. The .gov has openly declared that they can do whatever they want whenever they want. This is the turning point.

  17. I was not aware the CDC had either legislative or executive authority. In fact, I’m morally certain Epstein didn’t kill himself, Biden didn’t win the election, Hilry really had bad intentions with the homebrew server, 0bama participated in the proceeds of the cash to Iran on a magnificent scale, along with others in government. Oh, yes, I digress… when we lived in a democratic republic some of this would matter… never mind!

  18. @ Old Racist White Woman

    They have to have full FDA approval for them…..
    You can’t force a mandatory vaccine on everyone with a experimental drug…..that “Crimes against Humanity” level stuff.

  19. The dims are masters at ignoring laws and subpoenas and such, we should too. They’re an insufferable bunch of horse apples.

  20. I know a guy, uhummm, who is going to get a lot of joy blasting a lot of commies away when the total collapse happens.

  21. So when the landlords can’t pay their property taxes they’ll get a moratorium too – right? RIGHT?


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