CDC: More Than 100 Vaping Youth Have Contracted Severe Lung Diseases


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reportedly investigation 153 possible cases of lung disease that may be associated with e-cigarettes and vaping. The sudden lung problems are primarily occuring amongst adolescents and young adults.

The Verge reports that the CDC is now investigating 153 cases of mysterious lung disease in young people that could be linked to e-cigarette use. The agency is investigating the diseases alongside 16 states where the incidents were reported between June 28 and August 20.

Those suffering from the illness stated that it started gradually, displaying symptoms including difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and chest pain. Some also suffered from gastrointestinal illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, and severe fatigue. No one has died as a result of the unnamed illness but is being taken very seriously. read more

26 Comments on CDC: More Than 100 Vaping Youth Have Contracted Severe Lung Diseases

  1. Out of how many persons infected with lung diseases?

    I don’t know how many people “vape” or how many get lung diseases in general, or how this all fits into a nation of 350 Million people.

    CDC’s long on bullshit and short on “Disease Control.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. “Popcorn lung” is what they call it on the street – vaping in lieu of smoking is no real benefit.

  3. Plus the fact they look like douches smoking out of those contraptions. If you are going to smoke, just smoke a cigarette or a cigar….that’s just my two cents.

  4. And what kind of vaping were these youths partaking in? Sub-Ohm 120 Watt Triple-Coil Super Thick Cloud Blowing Contestants?

  5. It’s not vaping it’s modding where the issue lies. Maybe that’s not the technical term, but it’s the addition of a “mod” that allows one to exhale “clouds.” Which by very nature allows the user to ingest/inhale abnormal amounts of the vaporized juice.

    If you’re going to vape, then stick to normal dosages. Filling a room with a vape cloud is funny maybe a few times.

  6. So later today I’ll be partaking of a Partagas Rosado Mitico and will enjoy it immensely I’m sure. Being in my seventies I’ll take my chances with the consequences of an occasional cigar in Spring, Summer or Fall as the boss won’t allow indoor usage. How great a job is it to be able to sit in the sun and smoke a cigar while being paid for it?

  7. They’re probably vaping bacteria and viruses accumulated in the pens. Who knows what toxic material is in that vaping “juice”. People are hard wired to smoke. Might as well smoke tobacco.

  8. If they’re buying oils made outside the US I believe it. Vape oil is basically food grade glycerin, distilled water and nicotine or cbd or thc.
    The stuff made outside the US has toxic chemicals in it. I am suspicious about this all of a sudden happening.

  9. So if they’re so interested in disease control, then why aren’t they in L.A. and San Francisco where they can really rack up some big numbers? More than 100? It’s comparable to pissing in the ocean. Get over to the west coast and start controlling all those poop and trash-borne illnesses. They’re probably too politically correct for that, though.

  10. After 8 years of obama corrupting the government, even the cdc has credibility problems. That said, how many of the 100 had pulminary problems aside from vaping?

    Trust must be earned. It’s going ton take a lot of jailings till it comes back.

  11. A senior citizen friend was vaping a couple of weeks ago and I asked him what value it held for him. He said it is so much better than smoking. He has certainly followed the development of ingredients and safety issues.
    I don’t know the statistics, but I think that some of the statistics are that vaping has proven to be the most successful method of quitting smoking. I appreciate the concern that it is an entry drug more than smoking, although again I don’t know the numbers. Pretty crazy that San Fran still allows smoking but banned vaping.

  12. It’s cuz smoking is cool and vaping is lame.

    Take your drugs like a man and quit bitching about the consequences.

  13. Fake alarmism paid for and scripted by big tobacco lobbyists…

    “CDC is reportedly investigation 153 *POSSIBLE* [or possibly not] cases of lung disease that *MAY* [or may not] be *ASSOCIATED* [not necessarily directly linked] with e-cigarettes and vaping. The sudden lung problems are primarily occuring amongst adolescents and young adults.”


    Cigarettes are made in the good ol’ USA by Christians.

    Don’t be a communist, don’t vape.

    Totally not paid for by any major lobbying group for big tobacco…

  15. I tried vaping several times but it makes me cough up a lung. I prefer my Camel 99 Blues or Misty Blue 120s. I never trusted the Chinese crap.

  16. You can go to Colorado and buy 80%
    pure THC oil and smoke it out of most
    any available vape pipe.Mix it with nico
    and the Po-Po don’t know HeHeeHeeHee……

  17. Vaping can’t cause any health issues, because it’s the safe alternative to cigarettes. At least that’s what all the commercials tell us….


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