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CDC Says Keep Clothes On During Sex

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Monkeypox has been found in at least one case in Oregon and in 17 other states.

Thankfully it is not shown to be fatal and it is not spread through the air but rather skin-to-skin contact.

This prompted the CDC to issue this guideline, which includes recommending that one wear clothes during sexual encounters as it states “Consider having sex with your clothes on…”

The CDC also gives advice on how to conduct yourself at “rave parties ” and “back rooms, saunas, or sex clubs.”

We are no health experts … but … how about government just simply recommending that people who are infected refrain from high-risk behaviors until they are safe? more

21 Comments on CDC Says Keep Clothes On During Sex

  1. Have you ever seen any CDC employees? They should keep their clothes on. At All Times. Nobody wants to see that shit.

  2. Have you ever seen any CDC employees? They should keep their clothes on at all times. Nobody wants to see that shit.

  3. The pictorial just refers to heterosexuals’ activity.

    Most say it is transmitted by butt buddies and other perverts.

    I am not sufficiently endowed to have sex while my wife is six feet from me or I from her.

  4. Sex with your clothes on would be no fun. What’s the point if you can’t do it naked with your wife. I was married for 35 and a half years so I consider myself to be an expert on this.

  5. Hey, if we fear monger the left into dry humping, we could really put a dent in the abortion industry.

  6. Richard Pryor Weighs In – Kinda like the time the 4 foot nuthin midget walked into a bar and sat down next to a 6′ blond and sez: “Hi there. Whudya say to a little fuk?”

    She looks down on him and sez: “Hello ya little fuk”

  7. Somebody shows up to have sex with those nasty monkey bumps on their body don’t worry, them clothes are staying on. Seriously though, this cdc is a broken clown car and all the clowns are brain dead.

  8. Oh come on man! What only my pecker will get it? Not quite how that works. Ridiculous, stupid & funny. Fingers. Tongue. Lips, your fucked.

  9. @Brad ~ “Nobody wants to see that shit.”

    … ‘cept for those that are spreading Monkeypox … they love the smell of shit on their cocks

    hey, that rhymes!

  10. CDC actually recommends that EVERYONE engaging in sex should wear a diving suit and steel reinforced genital Glad Bags with a reservoir tip.

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