CDC “Scorecard” Indicates 9 Out Of 10 States With Most COVID Cases Are Democrat Run

Western Journal

From a quick glance at the standings, the Neanderthals appear to be winning.

President Joe Biden labeled states ditching mask mandates as an example of “Neanderthal thinking” last month.

But when the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday released its state-by-state scorecard on COVID-19 cases, most of the “leaders” were states run by Democrats that were clinging to mask mandates and lockdowns. More

11 Comments on CDC “Scorecard” Indicates 9 Out Of 10 States With Most COVID Cases Are Democrat Run

  1. The better “weave to deceive” states I believe. And all fine upstanding “voter’s rights” states to boot.

  2. Add in all the spring break travel to red states last month – FL, TX, AZ etc. were packed along with all the illegals being released with Covid and we still haven’t seen the ‘super’ spreaders they fear monger in the MSM.

  3. I thought Cuomo was a covid hero with his handling of the virus. I guess it was just more BS from the lefties, who would have guessed that.

  4. America has always stood for the individual against ambitious assholes. King George, and the British empire were ambitious assholes.

    The reason our founders and framers hated democracy is because it’s communism: Dictatorship by the proletariat IE: wage earners/labor power.. HR1, and open borders is a fucking soup of this.
    Everything progressives push for is the antithesis of independence and liberty, and the security of our American way of life.

  5. “……9 Out Of 10 States With Most COVID Cases Are Democrat Run”

    Likewise….9 out of 10 states that vote democrat are ignorant and/or stupid.

  6. Vote Democrat and you vote for the demise of all of America’s struggle for independence. Now that’s stupid. Christian enslaving all of us again too..Stupid.

  7. In Maine they’re going back and adding suspected cases to the count. Last week the state cdc said over 400 new cases. Then the radio guy said they added cases from Dec.
    Since this China virus started we’ve had 746 deaths “with” China virus. Not of, with.They parse words because it brings more money.


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