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CDC silently updates masking requirements for healthcare facilities


The Centers for Disease Control, which was perfectly capable of being vocal about their guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, has updated their masking requirements for healthcare facilities on the down low.

On Friday, the agency overhauled its coronavirus prevention and control recommendations and departed from its universal masking stance. They kicked off their change by crediting immunity caused by the vaccine or having had the virus “and the availability of effective treatments and prevention tools.”

Tucked among a series of recommendations is the gem that people have been waiting for since the coronavirus nightmare began: “When SARS-CoV-2 Community Transmission levels are not high, healthcare facilities could choose not to require universal source control.” This means facilities can now choose not to require mandatory masks if the risk of transmitting or receiving COVID is low in their area. This doesn’t just go for visitors and patients, but for healthcare providers as well. As always, those who want to wear the mask are more than welcome to do so. Areas with high transmission rates are advised to maintain universal making requirements.

It would appear that the CDC is finally following the science and recognizing the protection provided by the immune system not only by the vaccine but by beating the infection as well. Herd immunity was a concept that nobody wanted to talk about until recently unless you wanted a social media mob to accuse you of intentionally getting their grandmothers sick.

The updated guidance scored several eye-rolls from Twitter: more

15 Comments on CDC silently updates masking requirements for healthcare facilities

  1. Was in a grocery store today. Double maskers and N95ers are still out and about. We walked in and one masked gentleman going out darted for the other door as to stay 6 feet from us.

    Inslee is supposed to lift the Covid Emergency orders on October 31. We’ll see. The Covidians love it all too much!

  2. Every sentient creature on Earth should tell the CDC to pound sand.
    What a gaggle of charlatans!

    Liars, grifters, and quacks – oh my!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Until people get enough of Covid-19 and the mask wearing and start screaming we’ve had enough of this bullshit it’s never going to end.

    I have never worn a stupid mask and never will. No ‘jab’ either.

    Three years of this nonsense and damn fools are STILL obeying.

  4. I’m still disgusted that the medical community, ALL of whom KNOW better, went along with this bullshit in the FIRST place.

    They only did it because, with Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and Democrat control of licensure.

    Leviathan’s groat ALWAYS comes with strings attached.

    One wonders if there’s ANY point that they will honor their Oath over geld, duty to God over obedience to State, or ANY crime against humanity they would back away from regardless of the pay or coercion.

    …so far, with few exceptions, survey says NO.

    Heil Heil Corporate/State Medicine.

  5. CDC has no legal power. No one has to do anything they say.

  6. Beachmom
    SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 AT 6:57 AM
    “CDC has no legal power. No one has to do anything they say.”

    …you could say the same about the doddering pedophile fraud currently illegally caging rides on AF1, but power comes from the barrel of a gun, and Moloch currently commands ALL the “good” guys with guns, so here we are…

  7. Maskers get the “look” from me. If one of those mofos ask me a question, I tell them to remove their mask before speaking to me. And just think, during the lockdowns cops were pulling people over on the freeway asking them where they’re headed (that occurred less than 2 years ago). Oh how so many forget what they did to us. Oh, and the vaxxers hate the fact that we didn’t drink the koolaid. Koolaid doesn’t taste so good now does it? Some even went back for seconds and thirds because they were scared $hitless. Well fear kills doesn’t it? I was never afraid of getting the crude – I figured anything they told me to do, do the opposite and I’m doing just fine. No mask, no jab, go where I choose.

  8. I sh*t you not – I was asked if I could mask up for my first appt yesterday.

    First time since forever.

    So I slipped my neck sleeve on. The kind I wear when I power mist a property for mosquitoes to keep as much chemical off my neck/face/head as possible.

    By half way through, neither of us had our mouths covered. I slipped mine down when I started working on the outside and never brought it back up while hers was nowhere in sight as she followed me around.

    She got the full pricing. Dems always will with me. They cost everyone a lot of money with their wrong-headed politics, so they must have the money to spare if their bank balance isn’t affected by their own stupidity.

  9. was driving to the desert in California and going over the mountains I was hungry and figured I would stop at a gas station convenience store to get a snack. This is literally in the middle of nowhere in the woods. I parked right by the front door and noticed a sandwich board out front saying “mask required regardless of vaccine status”. I thought it was odd but likely old or something and opened the door and saw a giant sign on the door saying the same thing….paused, got back in the car and drove off…….judging by the lack of patrons, it seems everyone is doing the same.

  10. I wore a bandanna as a mask when stores required, like a train robber in the old west. It was quite useless for the purposes they required (as was their N95 surgeons mask) but they were satisfied. We still have a few maskers around out here in the valley and mountains, but back-east in Boston and environs the lemmings are scared poop-less and mask ‘mandates’ obtain.

  11. Is this the same bunch of bananas that told us “2 weeks to flatten the curve”? Their credibility is lost forever.

    Now the bananas say “You don’t NEED proof. The jab is safe for infants, children, pregnant people(?), etc.”

    and “Jab injury is mis-information because you don’t HAVE proof.”

    They want to have it both ways. No, you can’t.

  12. Ask your doctor if an EXPERMENTAL INJECTION TESTED ON 8 MICE is right for YOU.

  13. I know we have dentists such as Cynic here, so I have a question about masking in that profession, if any are willing to answer.

    There’s a dentists office in the strip mall my grocer is in that I pass to get there. From the very beginning of Coof to today he’s had a sign that said “ANY PATIENT WITHOUT A MASK WILL BE REQUIRED TO LEAVE”.

    My question is this;

    How the hell do you do dentistry through a paper mask? Doesn’t the patient HAVE to take it off for at least SOME of it?

    …even if the dentist was fool enough to believe they do anything in the FIRST place, how does he plan to NEVER be exposed to the unshielded breathing of a DENTAL patient?

    …just hoping someone can enlighten me about the thought process here, if any…

  14. @SNS, the ADA sold out Dentistry many, many, many moons ago. Nothing makes sense, we are all slaves to SCOENCE!

    Like every other enterprise today. The government makes stupid dictates and if you don’t obey, they hurt your family. Capische?

    Blame the lawyers, I say.

  15. @Captain Obvious: Were you in Palm Springs by any chance? That’s faggotville, I recall reading recently where they said that face masks are required if you go to Palm Springs.


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