CDC To Defy President, Moves Forward With Critical Race Theory Training – IOTW Report

CDC To Defy President, Moves Forward With Critical Race Theory Training

Gateway Pundit

The same federal group that failed the nation and the world with their convoluted, unscientific and destructive COVID-19 policies is moving ahead with their critical race theory program.

This is despite President Donald Trump’s ban just ten days ago! More

22 Comments on CDC To Defy President, Moves Forward With Critical Race Theory Training

  1. …so…fire them.

    CEOs don’t usually take kindly to disrespect and defiance, and that’s the usual result, and they DO work for the President whether they want to or NOT, so sayanora, shitheads…

  2. A reporter threatened to expose the author and now CDC has allegedly canceled the program;
    A. I don’t trust them.
    B. Keep this in mind, EVERYTHING the CDC recommends is a lie!
    C. They can shove their flu shots and Covid vaccine.

  3. would this have been a contracted inservice? Dont pay the b@stard and fire whoever let out the contract. Fire anyone who has anything to do with this.

    Anxious to see what Trumps admin does with this one.

  4. Txn4Evr, documents were leaked to Reporter Rufo. There is resistance from within. I think the worm is turning on this Maoist racist bullshit now that Trump has brought the hammer down.

  5. FFS… Who actually runs the fucking executive branch anyway?… Clearly not the fucking President if this is happening. Is he just there to take the blame when they fucked up agencies fuck up then? JFC

  6. You’re going to need a bigger poop knife.

    A federal agency has decided that it has a right to discriminate against employees on the basis of race.

    Shuck these assholes out of their offices at gunpoint. Revoke their pensions. Fire them with cause.

    These are the same leftists who declare “gun violence is a disease” and that your doctor should inquire as to whether you have guns in your home. And that your doctor should share this information with law enforcement should they decide you are depressed or vote the wrong way.

  7. Banned CRT at all executive branch agencies I thought was only a good first step by President Trump.

    But I thought another step is also needed to complete the needed changes. Get rid of all managers in those agencies that approved teaching CRT or thought teaching CRT was a good thing to do and supported it. Or they will push for something equally goofy later. It didn’t take long to see I was correct. And in a more brazen way than I expected, direct defiance of the ban.


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