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CDC walks back COVID guidance again, finds lasting post-vaccine heart problems in young adults

JTN: Ivy League-affiliated hospital hides myocarditis ad for kids following criticism that it’s trying to “normalize” vaccine-induced condition. Cardiologist explains how father’s inexplicable death led him to question COVID vaccines.

The CDC continues to erase distinctions by COVID-19 vaccination status in public health guidance as ongoing global research — including its own — documents the mediocre performance of COVID vaccines and their unexpectedly high rates of lasting harm in some groups.

Vaccination status is no longer used “to inform source control, screening testing, or post-exposure recommendations” for healthcare personnel, the Friday update to their CDC guidance says.

The agency “[c]larified” that healthcare facilities, including nursing homes, have discretion on whether to screen-test asymptomatic personnel. It also now says asymptomatic patients “in general” do not require “empiric use of Transmission-Based Precautions” after exposure to an infected person. 

A CDC study of 12-29 year-olds with heart inflammation following mRNA vaccination, published last week in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, found that 1 in 6 still had not “fully recovered” at least 90 days after myocarditis onset, including 1 in 100 who hadn’t improved at all. more here

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  1. Interesting timing on this article from my point of view, given what happened just this week.

    I was called in my role as a first responder to a young lady on our factory floor yesterday, mid-20s, who had collapsed and woke and was shivering when I got there, and presented with chest pain and abdominal pain. She was understandibly very scared, but even more so as I learned more. See, this same young woman had been a patient of mine a month or so ago when she hit the floor and started having petit mal siezures, complete with decerebate posturing. At that time she said she had an ovarian cyst, but THIS time I was told she was pregnant by about two months AND had been experiencing high blood pressure.

    Well, super. Told 911 to step it up for a pre-eclampsic primagravita.

    There’s not a fuckton I can do in such cases other than be with the patient to calm them, (and boy howdy did she need some calming), collect info for the incoming squad, and be there if she heads south, but we did get her calmed to the point we could get her in a wheelchair (having previously established she had NOT fallen, but had sat down and been eased down by someone she was talking to at the time), and rolled her over for easy pickup when the Little Red Truck finally showed up. Shifted into my patter from 30 years ago that I usually used to chill patients out where you switch between talking about serious things like what may have led us here and unserious but calming things like how are you enjoying this nice weather today, all the while taking pulses and observing respirations and pallor and things like that, which you get a MUCH better read on if you’re distracting with nonsense conversation. We delivered her to the dock where we routed the ambluance and they whisked her to the hospital successfully, but this morning I found out where it went from there from people who know.

    She recovered OK,

    But she lost the baby.

    …What does this have to do with Coof?


    First of all, it’s actually alarming that my patient patter came back. The first couple of times I wansn’t in the zone (not that full arrest patients care), and among those that were concious I was kind of still wearing my concerns on my face and in my voice, since that being part of my every day was 25 odd years in the rearview mirror. I didn’t do that this time, for the simple reason that I’m getting LOTS of practice with patient care again, and therefore with calming pateient patter, in a FACTORY full of FIT YOUNGER PEOPLE WHO HAD TO HAVE A PHYSICAL TO GET IN HERE and with my ACTUAL job being AN ELECTRICIAN. If your asking WTF is an electrican doing with patients, don’t worry, I’ve kind of been asking MYSELF that as well.

    And I’ve been here over a quarter century, and NEVER did CPR here until early 2021, and have done it TWICE since. ON YOUNG PEOPLE. And a lot of LESSER things like this besides. Know how many 20 year olds I did CPR on in the decade I ran with a municipal squad? ONE. So what happened in late 2020? That my employer was pushing and the entire State and Federal government was pushing? Yep, the Coof Goof.

    Second, this wasn’t the first time this young lady had blood pressure problems in the recent past, and predating her pregnancy too. But she only started having problems last year. Wanna guess what ELSE she had last year? Go on, guess. Starts with a “V”…

    Can I prove anything? No. I don’t know this young woman, don’t know what her doctors told her, and I seriously doubt anyone autopsied a 2 month miscarriage, especially in this day and age. I have nothing but suspicions and no way to confirm or deny those suspicions. I don’t even know what the dx was on her seizures or fainting as she said they were still testing and some test she hadn’t gone to get.

    But from the outside, looking down at a young woman writhing with what presents like angina of all things on a concrete floor on the way to miscarrying her infant, it sure looks a LOT like medical maiming and murder to ME.

    They claimed something was safe when it demonstrably was NOT. They still DO. They even advocate it for PREGNANT WOMEN despite NO studies WHATSOEVER for teratology or any other gestational or mutanigenic studies. They have been forced to back off their demands for now but still promote it as “Safe And Effective” to unaffected young people for no reason other than a display of Government control and a huge and profitable uncontrolled medical experiment for them on a scale that would make Mengele blush. And they see to it that we can NEVER be sure by hiding as much evidence as possible and misleading patients after an injury that they withheld information from in the first place that interfered with TRULY informed consent. They’ve poisoned our military, our police, and our firefighters for no good reason at all.

    And they all profit OBSCENELY from it.

    Well, I suspect this young woman is maimed for life, possibly sterile. And there’s a small, dead life besides that never even had a chance.

    And it’s just one of MILLIONS. Possibly BILLIONS. Even as it comes out that THEY were lying about taking THEIR OWN JAB all along.

    May God damn them all to hell.

    And may he do it SOON.

    And may we find the balls to help send them to their reckoning by the speediest way possible.

  2. A life long friend in Israel, who told me he felt close to dying after taking the second shot(forced to as anyone not taking it lost their job and was confined to their home), parted ways early this year.

    I forwarded info about the problems being uncovered by those receiving the vax, cautioning him that his life might be worth more than his ambulance driving job. And maybe he’d like to see his passel of grand children grow up.

    He asked me if I had an obsession with “misinformation”, telling me that Israel would never lie to it’s citizens.

    Oh man, when that report came out 2 weeks ago showing Israel in fact knew there were big problems with the vax and continued the lock downs and mandatory injections, I wanted so badly to forward an I told you so.

    Fuck ’em.

    I’m down to warning my sister and she’s ain’t listening either.


  3. It’s time to start charging people with Manslaughter, if not murder for making others take these poison vaccines against their will, or because the were fed a pack of lies.


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