CDC warns against kissing your backyard chicken

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an advisory on Thursday warning people against getting too close to backyard poultry, citing concerns that the chickens may be spreading salmonella.In an investigation notice, the CDC noted that backyard poultry owners should take precautionary measures when handling their animals after 163 confirmed cases of salmonella were reported in 43 states.”Don’t kiss or snuggle backyard poultry, and don’t eat or drink around them,” the CDC wrote. “This can spread Salmonella germs to your mouth and make you sick”…

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If I can’t kiss a chick, can I choke my chicken?

(sorry folks, it’s been a long week.)

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  1. So, frontyard chicken snuggles are okay. Great. What about free-range chicken liberties? Does it matter if they’re boneless chickens?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. I used to like chickens. “Oh, look, the chicken….”

    And then 15 years later I was saying, “Yeah, 3 inch 12 gauge…”

    It didn’t really take me 15 years to HATE chickens.

    My wife loves them. I’d kill every one of them on this property with not glee, but sour, murderous intent. It would be pretty close to glee.

    It’s nothing against my wife.

    I hate the destructive bastards.

  3. My gosh people, is this where we’re at today? 🤔 Nobody coming across The Great Divide in a covered wagon, would never make it.

    Just like beef they are trying to get us used to eating grubs, tofu, bean curd, etc…you better enjoy your roasted chicken now cause poultry is next.

    I suspect there is more to this story than meets the eye, just look who put this crap fake news out, the same wonderful assholes that feed us bullshit everyday on Covid. 🤬

  4. …I once told a friend I had a basement full of hot chicks if he wanted to see them. I’m not sure why, but he sure seemed sore when he saw the six hatchlings I had just brought home from the hatchery and was keeping under the heat lamp in the wash tub in my basement…

  5. Is this the best they can do to come up with new distractions??

    I will refrain from kissing chickens if they kiss my ass.

  6. I don’t know about you guys, but all the hens love me. The roosters, not so much – probably because they end up in my oven real quick.

  7. My Petey B had a rooster for a pet when he was a kid and he said if his pet rooster were alive today, that randy cock would absolutely take to my unbleached elastic starfish!

  8. …so kissing your chickens is off the table, but does that mean that Zuckerberg can’t have sex with them any more?

    …because he seems like the type that WOULD…

  9. I think randy cocks in general would take to your unbleached elastic starfish Chasty.

  10. I have a friend here in our little town who has a rooster instead of a watch dog. That little bastard is evil. You never know when he’s going to come at you.

  11. can you still choke your chicken?

    … buk, buk, buk …. bwaaaaaak!

    oh, & @Brown Eyed Girl ~ baseball bat …. cures many a feisty rooster
    (think I remember that from a Foghorn Leghorn Looney Tunes cartoon)

  12. Did the CDC come up with this on their own volition? I suspect it was the result of another of dementia Joe’s executive orders. How many has it been so far, I lost count at 5,380?

  13. Brown Eyed Girl, domestic geese also make great watchdogs, my uncle had one that was real feisty and mean and would chase and peck at you. He ended up as Thanksgiving dinner one year.

  14. I have chickens.
    Never dawned on me to snuggle or kiss them.
    Those are some pretty sick individuals over there at the CDC.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. We bought some chicks, figured we would get a rooster amongst them.
    Some were sex links so none there, 4 weren’t, no roosters.
    Wife went online and found someone who wanted to give one away.
    It was a nice big black one. “Give away”, should have been a warning, meanest SOB ever.
    I told her to give me the OK and we would have coq a vin, it was her rooster, her choice.
    Real French coq au vin takes 3 days and is a lot of work, more so if you kill the cock yourself.
    The damn thing had a collar, found it when I was plucking him.
    It was delicious but I wouldn’t do that again.

  16. I got histoplasmosis a disease spread by birds when I was a kid.
    I’ve had scared lungs all my life and didn’t know till I was in my thirties and got a lung ex-ray due to bronchitis.
    Ain’t nobody got time for that!
    Anyway that’s why I would avoid kissing chickens that go outside where birds may poop and spread it.


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