Cecile Richards Gets Big Name Blurbs For Her New Book

With an official launch date of April 3rd, you can pre-order the book on Amazon for which Hillary Clinton declared; “With humor, heart, and hope, Cecile Richards offers practical advice and inspiration for aspiring leaders everywhere.” The soon to resign head of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, received praise for her book from Gloria Steinem and Senator Kamela Harris. More

That book title seems rather mundane for someone who oversaw the death of millions of  unborn. How about something closer to Planned Parenthood’s true mission?  Something like,  “To Sever Baby Body Parts.”





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  1. Has a place next to Hitler,Nero,Mao,ETC.
    in the deep deep bottomless brimstone pit…

  2. Subtitled: “How I helped end the future for millions and sleep well at night on my sacks of blood money hile the NRA gets blamed for school shootings.”


  3. I have a ready-made retort whenever one of them (meaning the left) starts up about how we all have to give up this right, change that practice or acquiesce to the latest bizarre notion because it’s about children.

    Your side harvests the organs of children. For money. Shut up.

  4. Richard’s book imparts her wisdom in chapters like these:

    –Never let a little liver go to wa$te….always get bids
    –Cleanse your soul…launder money for The Left
    –Support Black Lives Matter…they’re your best customers
    –Always reach for the stars…standing on little bodies makes it easier
    –Staff motivation made easy…Lamborghinis for everyone!

    Can’t wait to get my copy. I’m low on Charmin.

  5. Her mother, Ann Richards, was a vile woman. She once was asked why she would not sign the bill into law that would have given Texans the right to conceal carry, while she was the Governor of Texas. She said on camera, “I don’t care what the people of Texas want, they’re not gettin’ it!” George Bush beat her ass the following month. Ann was a carpet munching lesbo who was living with the female coach of the U of T women’s basketball team.

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