Celebrate Our Independence Day!

Images from:

1 WDS (Hawk)
2 Bayouwulf (Happy Independence Day from Ernie!)
4 FarmWife (Kippa)
5 Pixabay.com
6 & 7 Unsplash.com

Submit your critter pictures for an upcoming Sunday Critters. Please email them to:


They must be a picture you (or family/friend) took and are willing to have us publish them on this site. Do not send any images you found on the internet.

Use ‘Critters’ in the subject line. Include your screen name in the body of the email. Tell me the name of your critter so I can include it with your screen name. Let us know in the comments any other info you want to share!

NEEDED: If you send me pictures for any of the following themes, please tell me the name of the theme they are for.

  • First Discoveries – Please have your pictures in to me by Friday Noon. – A day where a pup or kitten or any animal discovers something for the first time.
  • Hide From The Riots – critters hiding
  • “Pet”erans Day – for our special friends, past and present. – Theme idea from oolook
  • Boxed Critters – I have several kitty-in-a-box pictures, so if you have any more OR different critters in boxes, please send them in! – Theme idea from Dadof4.


11 Comments on Celebrate Our Independence Day!

  1. A hawk loves its Freedom and Liberty more than do the denizens of our cities.
    Sad state of affairs.

    A beautiful start to the week, at any rate!

    Thanks, Claudia!

  2. All great pics Claudia and thanks for posting mine. Our Red Shouldered hawks didn’t fledge any chicks this year or I would have seen them already. The female does continue to buzz me if I’m out mowing the open areas just because she can.

  3. Good morning iOTWers! And an early Happy Independence Day!
    @Chukie, Ernie was definitely an added option, post Jeep purchase. It was after I adopted him when I realized his fur markings co-ordinated the paint scheme on the Rubicon.

  4. Late evenin’ everyone.

    @WDS – off the charts great pic, the pole is bending due to its weight!

    @TRF – looks quite relaxing I must say

    @Bayouwolf – Ernie looks like a PROUD pup…

    @Farmwife – nice hat!!

    Thanks C!


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