Celebrity AIDS Charity Raffle: Smoke Weed with Snoop Dogg – IOTW Report

Celebrity AIDS Charity Raffle: Smoke Weed with Snoop Dogg

Bike Ride with Bono, Get Glammed Up with Kim Kardashian.

Have your vagina steamed with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Shart on an elevator with Al Roker.

Scrub emails with Hillary Clinton.

Eat an egg salad sandwich with Bernie Sanders.

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  1. Show off your post-Thanksgiving weight gain in a semi-naked “glamour shoot” with “comedian” Amy Schumer.

  2. Go “on the down low” and show off your post-Thanksgiving weight gain in a semi-naked “glamour shoot” with “Senator” Chuck Schumer.

  3. Count to ten with Secretariat of state John Kerry.

  4. Why don’t you just go ahead and shoot me now! There is no way in Hell I’d ever want to associate with any of these people. And to make matters worse the silly season AKA the presidential election year begins in a month, lucky (or unlucky) us. Before the end of next my theme song might just be They’re coming to take me away. Ha, ha, ho, ho, to the funny farm…

  5. Take a walk through the park with Vince Foster.

  6. Have a three-some wtih your favorite starlet . . . and Charlie Sheen.

  7. Participrate in a spelling bee with Al Sharpton.

  8. Be Charlie Sheens new “fiance” for a week.

  9. Take a Texas BBQ cooking class with Janet Reno.

  10. Make sandwiches with Chris Dodd. (Teddy not available)

  11. Ever think that barry is the best president ever, and that Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are the best Sec. of States ever.

  12. A ride in the Munster dragster with Paul Ryan.

  13. Have an anal threesome with Reggie love and Potus.

  14. Going on Celine Dion’s 4th “I’m retiring tour”. You know, for real this time.

  15. Free shopping spree with Bernie Sanders in a store without permission.

  16. Ooo Ooo, let me do that one! I’ll drop him off in the La Brea Tar Pits!

  17. Getting married with Wanda Sykes as your Best Man

  18. Have an Italian Dinner with Hillary Clinton at Ben Gazi’s

  19. Tour of all Dunkin Donuts in New York with Elena Kagan.

  20. …while eating an egg salad sandwich. OK – I just grossed myself out.

  21. Lesbian truck driver lessons with Janet Napolitano and Michael Moore.

  22. Touring girls’ locker rooms with Joe Biden.

  23. Habitat For Subhumanity mosque building with Jimmy Carter.

  24. Or a how many peas can you shove up your nose contest with Henry Waxman.

  25. Soda tasting festival with Michael Bloomberg.

  26. Looking for loopholes Bible study with Jeremiah Wright.

  27. Condom water balloon fight with Sandra Fluke.

  28. Weekend in the Dominican Republic with Bob Menendez.

  29. Jail and Bail with Obama and Hillary (No funds required)

  30. Fashion and beauty advice from Rep. Rosa DeLauro, (D-CT).

  31. Topless Car Wash with Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan

  32. Hahahaha! Vacuum cleaner dust glued to his scalp!

  33. Actually GET AIDS from fornicating Pam Anderson… oh, wait, she doesn’t really have … well, now WTF. What DID tommy Lee inject her with??

  34. These are too good! I’m late, but I’m inspired by all the great comments.

    Take professional puppeteer lessons from master puppeteer Valery Jarrett, and build an amazing high-tech clock with Ahmed Mohamad at the same time. Free lunch and pictures will be provided by CAiR.

  35. Or, shopping at Wal-Mart with Michelle Obama, only buying items from the top shelf, and asking her to reach them for you.

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