Census Undercounting May Have Robbed House Seats from Texas and Florida – IOTW Report

Census Undercounting May Have Robbed House Seats from Texas and Florida

Dallas Morning News

Texas most likely missed out on another U.S. House seat this cycle thanks to undercounting in the 2020 Census, based on estimates released Thursday.

The U.S. Census Bureau announced results from a follow-up survey that projects how many people and housing units were potentially missed or mistakenly counted during the 10-year census. More

Florida Politics

A new report from the U.S. Census shows Florida’s population was significantly undercounted in 2020. Underestimating Florida’s population by well over 700,000 people likely cost the state a seat in Congress for the next decade.

A post-enumeration survey released on Thursday estimated significant undercounts in six states: Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. That’s based on low self-response rates to Census surveys. More

10 Comments on Census Undercounting May Have Robbed House Seats from Texas and Florida

  1. One of these days some small little tight knit community is going to go all Athens Georgia part 2. And I think it will get trendy.

  2. Wow, that’s really weird…most of the undercounts were red states, and most of the over counts were in blue states. I guess they were just “sloppy”.

  3. Gee, nothing can be done about it now. We’ll just have to wait 10 years again and make sure we do it right.

  4. knock me over with a plastic poop knife feather.

  5. I am certain TENNESSEE was also robbed of a seat, probably Arkansas also.

  6. At least Governor Desantis is getting rid of the idiotic spaghetti district running from Jacksonville to Tallahassee just to ensure a black democrat forever. Local county judge ruled against our Governor’s map, but it will be sustained on appeals.

  7. More bullshit. Seriously, the South should fucking split from these coastal fascist cunts.

  8. The US Census is total FUBAR. Convince me they don’t count invaders from Meheeco. Or even double count them.

  9. As a former 2020Census worker from FL, I can assure you that FL was under-counted.
    Talking with residents at the many trailer parks where the Snowbirds come to live nine months out of the year, the majority fill out their census using their northern home as a permanent residence (which is illegal). Most head home in May or June and the questionnaire requires you to report on your residence as of April 1. Most are probably dual state voters too! How could you know? A blue state won’t reveal their voter rolls to a red state!

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