CFIUS Was a Fraud – Pass It On

Last week we did just a little bit of digging on just who it is that sits on the Committee on Foreign Investment in The United States, the famed group’s nine heads of federal agencies who approved the Uranium One deal.

We concluded they were all a bunch of Obama hacks and yes men,  Here

There’s a security expert who noticed the same thing,  Here

Hillary defenders grasp at the CFIUS straw to defend the Uranium One deal as completely legitimate. It wasn’t, and is perhaps the best grounds to prosecute former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for at least one of her crimes.

That CFIUS was rigged from the start needs to be seared into the collective consciousness of the country to stop this blame sharing, so be sure to point out the fraud of this committee everywhere else you post your comments.

7 Comments on CFIUS Was a Fraud – Pass It On

  1. Hopefully, this will be part of the tinder that gets consumed in the radioactive conflagration that is coming President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton’s way. Burn, baby burn!

  2. It probably won’t be sessions who would investigate U1.
    During his recent congressional testimony, sessions claimed he didn’t know a lot about U1, and that he was just learning about it now.
    It has now come out that sessions, and leahy, as the ranking members of the Senate Judicial Committee, were briefed by AG holder on U1 in 2010. He knew. He consented.
    Sessions would probably have to recuse himself.
    Run his ass out of town, please.

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