Chaff and Countermeasures – Senator Graham Asks AG Bill Barr for “Spygate” and “FISA” Witnesses

Conservative Treehouse: Anyone who has followed DC for a while could see this one coming a mile away… including the synergy of self-interested timing.  Catherine Herridge of CBS reports on a ‘tick-tock’ letter from Senator Lindsey Graham to AG Bill Barr where Graham announces his request for witnesses.   The Graham list is an assembly of various DOJ/FBI officials who participated in Crossfire Hurricane and the fraudulent FISA application(s).

The timing of the letter, alluding to some possible hearing at some possible later date, follows a DC pattern. [Chaff and Countermeasures] In essence, cover for visible inaction; an attempt to convince people to put down the pitchforks. more

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  1. This Lindsey dude is always trying to walk through flypaper and come out clean. Take the hits dude, do your job please. No bullshit.

  2. They’re all crooked. They have homes, maybe multiple homes outside DC. Long term poiticians also usually buy homes or rent in DC. Neither option is inexpensive. They make less than 200K a year. Living in DC ain’t cheap. They leave office with astonishingly more money than they went there with. I’m sure they are all protecting each other while playing us as fools. DC politics is nothing but a money making scheme. And its not just the politicians. Factor in the agency’s and department heads and it boggles the mind the money involved.

  3. Lindsey Graham, known to be as effective as Trey Gowdy. Dammit, I’m usually an optimistic guy, just look at who we are counting on to come through for our great country. President Trump and Melania have my confidence, possibly 10-12 congressmen, anybody else, I don’t think so.

  4. We’ve had 28 years of Deep State presidents and their appointments in The Department of Justice. President Trump can’t undo that in three years…

    …particularly if the man he appoints (Barr) is part of the ongoing problem.

    Was there ever a government on Earth that successfully policed itself and reversed the corruption and criminal conduct within it’s own legal departments?

  5. Jimmy, that’s the question for our future. My wife says, how do you expect a corrupt government to investigate itself and then declare itself guilty? When you look at it like that you know we are fucked! The tree of liberty must be replenished with the blood of tyrants and patriots. Looks like we are close.

  6. I like Barr. but as I’ve said here many times he is a Bush man. The foundation of “the Deep State” was laid by Bush 30 years ago. Repeating what i’vs said, as it was right, Barr has devided loyalties -The Obama/Rove “Deep State” vs President Don. To me it is clear he fights for both groups.
    To me it would be better if he only fought for Don. But he has fought bravely for Don. Much more that the liberal Bush man Jeff ever did !Barr is not ideal, but “sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.”!

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