Chappaquiddick Day Continues

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  1. There once was a Senator from Mass
    In search of a great piece of ass
    He looked up and found it
    Then messed up and drowned it
    Now the White House is a dream of the past ~ Unknown

  2. That fat slimeball put the “dick” in Chappaquiddick.

    I had the unfortunate pleasure of sitting at a table next to him at a Pops By The Sea outdoor concert in Hyannis. He went to the Men’s Room after three bodyguards cleared it out. One stayed in with him. The other two were positioned outside the door. That turd was afraid to take a piss in public.

  3. Years ago, during the Senate confirmation hearings for John Ashcroft, His Kennedyness expressed doubts about Ashcroft’s track record on women’s rights.

    I was watching the proceedings in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. I jumped right up from my chair and yelled, “LET’S ASK MARYJO KOPECHNE THAT, SHALL WE?” at the screen.

    Mary Josephine Kopechne would have been 76 next Friday. She was her parents’ only child.

  4. Thankfully, Turd Kennedy is in Hell. We have him to thank for the 1964 Immigration Act that completely upended America’s immigration system that had worked so well for almost 200 years.

    All of the Kennedy’s are bloodsucking leeches and ticks.

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