Charged molester says he is a 9-year-old trapped in a man’s body

Breitbart: A 38-year-old Chicago man accused of molesting three pre-teen girls told police he is a boy trapped in a man’s body, according to court documents.

Joseph Roman was charged with a long list of sexual molestation charges after three girls between the ages of six and eight came forward alleging they were assaulted during a three-year period.

During a January 24 hearing, Roman reportedly admitted to some of the charges and told the court he felt he was “a nine-year-old trapped in an adult’s body,” according to the Chicago Tribune. MORE

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  1. Time to ask the Lefties a question or two? Should this person be tried as an adult or a minor in court? If found guilty, does he go to a juvenile or adult facility? How is this different than a Trans-woman wanting to by tried, sentenced and incarcerated as a woman?

  2. I don’t see how the progressive movement can dispute his claim to be nine-years old without shining the light of truth on just how ludicrous all of this “identify as” nonsense as abject bullshit.

  3. Bubba, the champion prison yard weight lifter with the 9 year old mental capacity looks forward to meeting you.

  4. And besides, you guys are using the wrong pronoun, according to progtards this POS is not a Chicago man, he is just another Chicago boy.

  5. Gen pop. They’ll take care of him day one. Even the worst criminals abhor child molesters and child rapists.

  6. While I certainly agree he is a horrid POS, I suspect he might just be doing this world a great big favor if the “I’m a 9-year old’ becomes his legal defense. Might put a big cramp in the self-identify theory.

  7. With progressives everything is a construct…this includes both reality and morality. There simply is no room for sanity or decency within these constructs.

    The ends justify the means, there is no absolute truth because there is no God.

    Liberals worship Satan by default, most are to ignorant to know it.

    They possess a virulent hatred of God, family, and country because they are possessed.

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