Charges dropped against man accused of sex act on a dying beaver


All charges have been dropped against a man accused of committing a sex act with a dying beaver in Columbia Park last September.

Richard Delp, 35, was arrested on charges of felony animal cruelty and possession of methamphetamine after a woman said she saw him lying down with the animal with his pants undone.

The woman said the beaver had been run over by a car but was still breathing, so she left to grab supplies to help the animal. When she returned, she found Delp with the animal and called 911. The beaver did not survive.


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  1. I’m pretty broad-minded, but….. I can only hope the beaver was in shock the entire time, before she died. ….Lady in Red

  2. Member the a John Wayne movie ‘Big Jake’ when he was instructin’ the green horns about becoming lonely on the trail. Crossing a mountain, usually OK with the goats bein’ all over. But you got be careful when out on the prairie. Those little prairie dawg’s sometime explode. Makes a real mess all over your chaps and boots. Not a good way to return to town.
    If you have not seen the out-takes check um’ out sometime.
    (Never acceptable to cruelly treat an animal).
    Except this dude!

  3. Sounds like you’ve been a little hard on the Beave before LIR. LOL

    A Muskrat is not a Beaver. It’s actually closer to the Otter.

  4. @LIR

    Our animal friends seem better because they are just innocent beings, just doing what God designed them to do. We humans are capable of petty and huge evils. The assault on a dying beaver is a petty evil, IMO. But it can make us ashamed to be human beings.

  5. I disagree, Tim. The assault on a dying beaver *is* a big thing. And we are animals, too, just like the beaver (but with opposible thumbs, and almost as crafty as dolphins).

    I wish we were not so pompous and arrogant. Humility always helps a troubled situation. ….Lady in Red

  6. Read the article. The guys insane. Like clinically insane never gonna’ be competent to stand trial and will be spending the rest of his life in a mental asylum insane.

    Basically humanity gets a “get out of jail” card on this one because the perp is a nut case and may have in fact, self identified as a male beaver.

  7. LIR
    If Dolphins we so crafty, Flipper wouldn’t be in my Albacore. Pro Tip, anything that hears with a Lateral Line, or has a blow hole, is not that smart.

  8. Good point, Mr. Burr! You just made me feel so much better.

    The demented, sick dude might well have self-identified as a beaver! Wow.

    (I still feel bad about the dying lady beaver, however.) …Lady in Red

    PS: He might have noticed, though, that his “girlfriend” wasn’t doing well, was dying….? …and….? ….smile…. I need to go to bed, I think. Too much on Muskrat Love…..

  9. Ladies don’t like it when you insult dolphins. Anything that has a 20 pound tongue and can breathe through the back of its head is special to them.

  10. The beaver was already dying. The beaver isn’t the point. The crazy dude is the point.

    Think about how f’ing crazy you have to be to get a lifetime lockup in a loony bin in this day and age. This guy is dangerous. What the hell was he doing BEFORE humping beavers? Nothing I’d like to dwell on I’d imagine.

    I also think if, if,… he ever gets sane. Like conscious and sane. He’ll be on suicide watch.

    Basically I’m saying I’m happy no one is blaming the delicious and vitamin packed methamphetamines the guy was flying on at the time of the incident.

    Bad PR for meth could impact sales.

  11. ‘The beaver was already dying.’
    You have just rationalized ‘Mercy fucking a Beaver.’
    Like conscious and sane.
    I prey the same for him, you not that sure about,,,

  12. I ain’t rationalizing anything. Pick up a book, learn some reading comprehension skillz.

    Also, I can get you a ton of meth to help you stay up studying.

  13. LIR- “…before she died…”
    How do you know the beaver was female? Anything is possible nowadays.
    Not necessarily acceptable, but possible. I wish it wasn’t so, though.

    When I saw the headline, I thought this must be the third fake news blitz for the week.

  14. toby miles

    I’ve already covered that. And now she’s insulting my balls. Which had nothing to do with what I’ve written here tonight. She’s a ball assassin. LOL

  15. Glad to see the portentous childish troll Aaron Burr out himself here pretending to be BFH, Bad_Brad , LIR, and the latest incarnation, Fed Up With Knuckleheads. goes on and on as it has for months.

    F’Child you are!

  16. Sounds like No Blushes has a vested interest in having sexual relations with dead or dying animals. That cuts it. Out of my Fox Hole Bitch. LOL

  17. Your welcome Aaron, Thanks for the acknowledgement being the immature troll you are, sincerely!
    Now give yourself a vote up as always.

  18. There are very many worse things done in the Animal Kingdom, like eating things when they are still alive and breathing.

    Must be so awful.

    This ain’t bout a single animal but ANIMALS in general.

    Sick human animals.

  19. Thanks Real Brad, nods,
    .45-70, opinions are like,,
    you might know the rest of that saying, I’ve never interpreted or said anything about them that way in regards to you.
    Just my opinion.

  20. Apologies to all I have offended.
    Not an excuse, however alcohol is a powerful drug.
    I imbibed too much and am sorry for my comments and accusations.
    regretfully yours,
    No Blushes

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