Charges pending for Ohio man accused of kneeling on child’s neck in social media photo

WHIO7: Charges are pending review by the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office against a man accused of kneeling on the neck of a 2-year-old child in a photo shared on social media, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

The man, who deputies identified as Isaiah Jackson, 20, has been booked in the Clark County Jail on a probation violation and remains in the jail Wednesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

The sheriff’s office said a case against Jackson has been presented to the prosecutor’s office who will “provide a determination on the scope and breadth of the felony charges” that Jackson will face in the alleged incident, Clark County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Kristopher Shultz said in a media release. Investigators did not detail the charges Jackson might be charged with.

Deputies said an investigation was launched Tuesday after they were made aware of the photo, which shows a man with his knee on the back of a child’s neck. The child appears to be crying in the photo while a second person holds the child’s hands behind their back. The photo’s caption read “Blm now.” more

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  1. what, whites riot????

    ….sherly you jest……..

    it would be nice to try it just once, to let them know what it’s like….

    of course, we would have to go to their neighborhoods for them to get the message….

    ….but….not happening……

  2. in the old days all the jailers would have to do is pass that picture around the cells and we wouldnt have to worry about him again.

  3. Oh NOW it’s not Ok to put a knee on someone’s vital area where they breathe, have discs, vertebrae, nerves, arteries, soft tissue.

    I thought the public was just being over-sensitive to stuff like that when someone is on the ground face down, handcuffed a cop on each leg and another one keeping watch while a guy says “I can’t breathe” and then dies in custody.

    If it were you or me, and someone at our home was caught on video with my knee on their neck, said they couldn’t breathe, and later died, we’d be arrested and charged the following day. Good bye $50,000 in retainer and attorney fees to prove my innocence, I wouldn’t just be fired from my job and the whole thing forgotten.


  4. @Frank — I don’t know what your point is, but seeing two people involved in torturing a baby — A BABY! — is disturbing beyond belief.

    I’m not mislead by the message of it and no one should make that mistake. George Flloyd is who he is and this baby is who he is. There is no moral equivalency to be had either way. The Left likes to lump individuals into categories to make their case. They don’t care AT ALL that each individual is a human being with each having their individual LIFE.

    A baby’s individual life is barely known to himself. No matter how anyone wants to think about this, there is less than zero justification for anyone over the age of three to do something this heinous to an infant.


  5. Nothing new, study the particularly wicked and evil brutality of the left – infants are among their favorite targets. The Jacobins have a history folks. If you want to get a sample w/o immersing you’re self in a comprehensive history of the subhuman pieces of shit take a look at the Vendèe genocide ~ 1790s

    They are what they are.

  6. I hope this child’s coal burning whore of a mother loses custody forever and I hope that her designer imposter Colin Kapernick boyfriend enjoys a long stay in the gray bar hotel.

    There is a (black) special education teacher from Georgia, Brian Papin, who commented on fecesbook that the child abusing POS in the photo was doing it wrong and that the abuser should “lean into it until death”. He still has a job, whereas a Michigan teacher was fired for simply tweeting that, “Trump is our President”. Black Privilege is real.

  7. Frank, the TRUTH of it is, the four cops involved were charged, are awaiting a trial, including a jury of their peers and are facing the consequences of their actions. I sure hope you realize that was the outcome they faced regardless of any ‘protest’.

  8. I do not care what your skin color is, sexual preferences are, political affiliations are, or what you identify as, the FACT that this is child abuse of the worse sort remains unchanged.

    The scumbag losers in the picture doing this deserve federal jail time in the decades, then if they live through that upon release they should be informed their citizenship has been revoked and they have a one way ticket to mexico or canada in their immediate future escorted by federal marshals to make sure that they know if they ever set foot inside the USA again it will mean a death sentence for them both.

    The mother needs to be investigated by DCS for leaving her child with these 2 losers and get some help, otherwise this child is going to grow up with huge problems not of his own making.

  9. Key words “violates parole”, so you have a convict perpetrator physically abusing a small child that he access to. If this was a white couple abusing a black baby the riots would be endless.

    As for Franks P’s point, there is no moral equivalence between a six four male cranked out on multiple illegal drugs (including the drug that killed him/ he died of an overdose of fentanyl) and an innocent baby.

    George Floyd was also a felon who was passing counterfeit currency. Excessive force was applied and the officer will also become a convict, but he did not die from asphyxiation.

    Torturing a baby to make your point is a crime Frank and I do not buy what you are trying to sell.

  10. That filthy nigger coward and his mudshark piece of shit sperm receptacle can die and burn in Hell. The father of that child should get a medal for not murdering his ex over excusing this shit. Unreal how evil niggers and the white trash enablers are.

  11. Cut off Mr Jackson’s knees and then see if he wants to go torment any other innocent babies.

    Piece of shit deserves it.

  12. The obvious defense for this is that the picture was staged and no one was really being hurt. The fact that the guy was arrested for parole violations and not any sort of child endangerment is the give away.

  13. The photo in that article blurs the child’s face. I saw the unblurred version.

    That child is being traumatized. No doubt about it. Nothing staged about it.

    I would have beat the ever loving crap out of him if he tried that in front of me.

    I was angry for quite a while after seeing it.

  14. Wait till virtue signaling Frank hears the rest of the George Floyd story as set out by the REST of the police body cam. He’ll learn.such inyeredting tidbits such as

    GF was panicking about being unable to breathe for ten minutes before he was placed on the ground. Thats because he ODed on Fentanyl which depresses the function of the diaphram

    GF went until full hyper panic mode when the cops put him in the squad; started banging his head and begged to be put on the ground

    Just before he was put on the ground, he was foaming at the mouth and said: My face is gone! I may be going out on a limb here, but seeing as how his face was, in fact, still attached to his cranium … Im guessing GF had suffered a psychotic break from reality

    This “brutal” restraint method is one that is authorized to be used for this situation. The cops were waiting for an EMT to arrive to give GF a shot of ketamine. Far from trying to kill him, they’re trying to keep GF ALIVE, mostly by preventing him from banging his head on the asphalt

    It might have worked, but due to GFs less than optimal lifestyle choices, he suffered a heart attack and died

    Now Frank, dont you feel foolish in getting duped once again by the Fraudcast News media

  15. Way past time to update the old saying “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”
    Better to not post stupid pictures on social media and prove you are stupid. Actually, it is probably better to just not post any pictures on social media as a large group of people will ridicule you regardless of what it is.


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