Charity Flies Stray Golden Retrievers From Turkey to Canada to Find Them Homes

golden retriever charity turkey to canada

ABC: A charity is flying stray Golden Retrievers from Turkey to North America and pairing them with new homes to help alleviate the epidemic of homeless dogs in one of Turkey’s largest cities.

Members of Ontario-based charity Golden Rescue decided to create the operation, called “Rescue Mission of Love,” after a shelter in Istanbul contacted them to see if they’d be interested helping find homes for homeless Golden Retrievers.  more

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  1. #DogLivesMatter

    I’m perfectly fine with dogs being rescued from a Muzzie country and flown elsewhere for adoption by loving people who can appreciate them.

    Shitstains coming into the U.S. illegally and getting every gubmint handout under the sun, not so much.

  2. Europe has taken the majority of feral dogs.
    Canada got the better end of that deal.
    At least the Labs will be grateful and won’t bite the Canadian hand that feeds them.

  3. Our love for dogs in the US is probably the only reason God hasn’t gone all Sodom and Gomorrah on us to punish us for allowing abortions to reach an industrial scale in this country

  4. I’m glad the dogs are getting a chance but it would have been nice for them to not to focus just on Goldies but rather any dog needing help. Europe (with the exception of the west and even then with the huge infusion of these so-called refugees) is not a good place for dogs. They get shot and run over for sport, tied together and thrown in river/harbour for amusement and bear all kinds of abuse and outright torture not only from the followers of Islam but by eastern Europeans as well. This is especially true of large black dogs who are specifically targeted in the Koran as being evil. I got my dog from a rescue in Greece (some horrific animal abuse going on there especially with the collapse of their economy) about 2.5 years ago. She’s a mixed, large medium black older dog. She got lucky. Her owner abandoned her and her puppies outside one of the few animal rescue/shelters around. One of her pups passed away while all the others were adopted by the Germans but she was left behind for a year and a half. She was about 8 years old when I saw her video and that was that. Anyway, best decision I ever made. The only problem is I still can’t speak Greek and she only learns English that she likes 🙂

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