‘Charlamagne tha god’ tells Fox News Biden, Dems have not earned black vote, citing empty promises – IOTW Report

‘Charlamagne tha god’ tells Fox News Biden, Dems have not earned black vote, citing empty promises

BPR: Influential left-wing radio and TV personality Charlamagne Tha God is warning the Democrat establishment against taking the black vote for granted in the run-up to the 2024 election because that constituency is no longer monolithic.

President Biden, in particular, has yet to earn the black vote, he asserted.

This commentary during an interview with Fox News Digital seems significant given Charlamagne’s progressive bona fides and his large multi-platform following. MORE

8 Comments on ‘Charlamagne tha god’ tells Fox News Biden, Dems have not earned black vote, citing empty promises

  1. Guess what, none of these politicians has anybody’s vote and they don’t need them to win.

    Let that sink in, Charlamagne tha overhyped DFN.

    Ya’ll wanted equality, you got it. We’re all equally unnecessary.

  2. Sorry nigga but YOU are the dumbass that biden* said “wasn’t black” if you didn’t vote for him.
    You sat there like a little feeble bitch while the white man put his knee on your neck.
    You lapped it up and begged for more.
    Just like when the cocksucker said Romney was gonna put you “back in chains.”
    No push-back for that either.

    “Yes massah biden*!
    Donna be lettin’ dat man put us po black folk back in chains.”
    “We be good an vote for democrat we promise.”


  3. What fools, it’s a broken record of threats that the Black Voters may not support the Democrats or Biden. Waiting and hoping for the Democrat Party to do what they promise every election cycle.

    Many Blacks have forgotten or are ignorant of the fully racist History of the Democrat party. Yet, that’s where the majority vote and believe in false promises.

    Instead of waiting for government to “give”, there are more and more black conservative candidates fighting against the genocidal abortions of babies, promoting self determination, fiscal and individual responsibility and representing all people regardless of ethnicity or social status.

    Don’t wait for government to give you a promised handout that never materializes, go out and earn it, just like the black, brown and white conservative candidates in your school boards, community, county and state.

  4. Uh this is basically Obama’s 3rd term so I’m not sure what you are disappointed about. Loving Obama and hating on cracker ass Joe seems a little racist.

  5. I’m certain that’s what President Trump meant when he asked blacks “what have you got to lose”… about 100 times.

  6. A negro with the courage to tell the Originators of the KKK that they haven’t earned the negro vote?

    Watch your back, Charlamagne – you know the penalty for stepping off the Plantation.

    A courageous statement, nonetheless.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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