Charlie Baker Hits The Road

Howie Carr: He was going to lose – in the Republican primary.

Forget the usual BS about wanting to spend more time with his family. The real reason Charlie Baker is out of the 2022 fight is the fact that he wasn’t going to defeat Geoff Diehl, the ex-state rep from Whitman who was running against him for the nomination.

Nor was his lieutenant governor, Karyn “Pay to Play” Polito.

Polito and Charlie Parker – as Dementia Joe Biden calls him – are in fact retiring due to ill health.

The voters got sick of them.

In May, Dementia Joe told Parker, “You’re doing a hell of a job.”

Endorsed by Joe Biden! What more did you need to know about his future prospects in GOP circles?

The departure of Tall Deval – his other nickname — from the scene is a big win for Donald J. Trump. He came out early for Diehl, and now he claims another scalp of an anti-Trump poseur. Prime irony: the Washington Post has a story this morning about the 10 GOP politicians POTUS has been feuding with and how their fates will indicate how popular Trump remains with the base.

Before the ink was even dry on the story, Parker was out. more

7 Comments on Charlie Baker Hits The Road

  1. Nice Howie, but a day late and a dollar short! If not for the Democrat voters, he wouldn’t have been elected the last time he ran; when real Americans didn’t vote for him.

  2. Give him the vaccine to prevent going native in DC.

    Seems to be a highly transmissible virus and once you get it, you never are free of it.

  3. What ever happened to his son for groping a sleeping woman on a flight. That seemed to just disappear from the news cycle.

  4. Now if we can get rid of General Mills here in Maine next year and get Paul LePage back in, New England will have a chance.
    We need to kick Susan Collins to the curb too.

  5. America will be a better place when ALL BUSH REPUBLICANS “HIT THE ROAD”! But this is a good start.


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