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Charlie Gard to be buried with ‘beloved’ toy monkeys

FOX: Charlie Gard, the terminally ill baby who died a week shy of his first birthday after a lengthy court battle that captured worldwide attention, will be buried with his “beloved” toy monkeys, his parents said Monday.

Gard died on Friday in a hospice after he was taken off life support. His parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, were embroiled in a legal battle for months, trying to bring their infant son to the United States for an experimental medical treatment that offered a sliver of hope to combat Gard’s rare genetic disease, mitochondrial depletion syndrome.

Gard and Yates are expected to register Charlie’s death on Monday, the Sun reported.

“We should be planning Charlie’s first birthday but instead we’re planning his funeral,” Yates told the site.

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  1. So tragic.
    May God give his tortured and deeply wronged parents the gifts of peace and grace. And other, healthy babies to love.
    May his parents be brought closer together, and not driven apart in their grief.
    May God use this little innocent soul’s death to help end the tyranny of the State and its cruel undeserved monopoly over life and death.
    The NHS death panels have already murdered more Britons than all the civilians bombed in both World Wars.

    May all involved see the light.

  2. If the authorities had pulled what they pulled on this family on me I swear to God I would have gone “Liver Eatin Johnson” on them and dedicated the rest of my life to hunting each and every one of them who were responsible in any way down.

  3. Do you mean his family actually has a say in anything regarding Charlie? They’ve be overruled and blocked in every other instance.

  4. manbearpig, Deray McKesson will denounce the monkey burial as racist, and the British government will agree and forbid the burial so as not to inflame BLM any further.

  5. The Day is coming when all — ALL — that is now secret WILL be revealed and NOTHING will be hidden.

  6. i am surprised the filthy government pigs even gave them their son’s dead body to bury as they wished.

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