Chatterbox On A Plane

Airliners today are like flying buses, actually they’re worse, bus seats are wider.

When I think of flying coach I visualize myself as Charlton Heston pulling an oar on Caesar’s trireme. That’s why many of us try so hard to blot out the stranger sitting next us. Among the worst people to be stuck next to is the chatterbox who must engage you in conversation the whole way… unless it’s this kid. More

7 Comments on Chatterbox On A Plane

  1. What a beautiful and wonderful story. It is supremely topped off by the gift of the navy “dixie cup” hat. Thanks for sharing Dr Tar.

  2. I loved this story, especially because this family is from my hometown, Uniontown, PA. Home of George C. Marshall and the Big Mac.

    I’ll be voting Lou Barletta and Scott Wagner.

  3. Caesar’s trireme… reminds me of the old Good News/Bad News joke.
    The galley master tells the slaves “I got some good news and some bad news boys.
    The good news is everybody get a bottle of whiskey.
    All the galley slaves all start cheering… then ask “whuts the bad news?
    The galley master sez: Caesar wants to go water skiing.

  4. I can’t believe that no one noticed that he said Nixon was taken out of office. Not true. Nixon resigned. Many speculated that he would be removed from office however, we will never know, will we?
    Please teach our adorable children the truth.


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