Check Out the Most Famously Blue State and Their Stupid Ass Voters – They Don’t Know What 4th of July Celebrates

This is how we get a Joe Biden, Socialism, and any other dumbass leftist.

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  2. Well, THIS year I’ll be celebrating saving $0.16 per packet of Psaki dogs, so I’m good.

  3. It’s amazing how many people don’t know the reason for the 4th of July.
    It’s to celebrate the 16 cents we save on our BBQ supplies man. Eat your slice of cheese and rejoice.

  4. Very depressing to see such ignorance and vapidity. And they think it’s funny to be so ignorant. 🙄

  5. They can’t read or write cursive either, in fact I’d be surprised if they could read and write period. Now that’s what I call abject stupidity, scary part they vote.

  6. @ Conservative Cowgirl JULY 4, 2021 AT 12:54 AM

    That is a constant with them.

    They actually think being deliberately, systematically and gratuitously filthy, disgusting and destructive is cute, smart and funny.

    Having learned first hand what motivates them I have shared my insights with others who scoffed at what I was saying… however since the advent of the “homeless crisis” and the mostly peaceful rioting I have seen what amounts to a paradigm shift in the willingness to consider my conclusions as having merit. Particularly among others who live in close proximity to areas in which a critical mass of them are present. Yea, Seattle and Portland, I’m talking about you.

    When you have lived close enough to observe what an observant individual will begin to notice as patterns. What I picked up by simply listening when they were discussing politics (and everything is political with them) is that there is more going on than than can be ascertained at a casual glance.

    I firmly believe, and with good reason, that the run of the mill progressives who may seem “fairly normal” are living out their dreams vicariously and take satisfaction in the acts carried out by the drug addicted and just plain malicious, maladjusted malcontents they identify with. They get off on it.

    Ask yourself this: Is there anything they support anyone in their right mind cannot recognize as far more likely than not to exacerbate these behaviors? Anything? It is not rational to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. There isn’t a damn thing they advance as a “cure” or advocate for that hasn’t been tried and found wanting. So what is it that motivates them?

    It has to be that they are invested in increasing that which they claim to be against. Behind every claim of empathy and compassion they purport to be driven by (it’s all illusory, it is nothing but a veil they hide their true motives behind) is a heart that is driven by envy and resentment of anyone who has anything they have not. Trust me on this, I have sat and listened to their conversations for hundreds of hours, I ride a commuter train that terminates in Seattle daily.

  7. What compels them to destroy parks and other public spaces? You might ask.

    It is resentment of people who live a joyous and fulfilling life. Individuals who subscribe to the progressive agenda are miserable sonsabitches, they live joyless and unfulfilled lives and if you doubt me just take a look at their rate of depression. There is no saying that is more true than: Misery loves company.

    They want what others who don’t subscribe to their worldview have and since they know they will never experience a joyous and fulfilling life, they want to take that from those who do. That is why they allow drug addicts and other Democrat sub-constituencies to literally shit all over and destroy parks and public spaces. It’s so others cannot benefit from their use.

    Now that they actually admit that what they support is Marxism, that takes them being a Christian off the table. They are no more Christian than their famous comrade, Jorge Bergoglio.

    Most progs will never get to Level 3, progs are notoriously parsimonious and that is a well documented fact. They don’t donate to charity or do volunteer work at even close to the rates conservatives do.

    Level 1 represents my fundamental drivers in life such as physical pleasure, immediate gratification, and excitement. This may be manifested in seeking my favorite food, new clothes, or a nice car. The “happiness” that results from this satisfaction, however, is typically short lived, shallow, and impacts no one else except me. Level 1 is not inherently bad, we all need to satisfy those basic pleasures like food and drink, but if we get stuck in level 1 our lives become a roller coaster constantly seeking to satisfy our next desire. After the food is consumed it isn’t long before I am hungry again.

    Level 2 is most evident in the need to satisfy my ego. The universe exists to serve me. I need to be constantly achieving and winning in my life, for example, being recognized at work, getting that next promotion, or making sure my project has top priority. In order for me to win, though, others must lose. I must keep my comparative advantage over others. My focus is on power and control. Like level 1, level 2 is not all bad. We all need to achieve in order to gain self-confidence, and credibility, but if my life gets stuck in level 2 as my dominant source of happiness, I will be constantly obsessed with seeking that next win, and paranoid that others are trying to keep me from it. This happiness is also not very pervasive, enduring or deep.

    Level 3 is also somewhat about ego, but unlike level 2 it is turned outward. My skills and talents are aimed at serving others. It is still about winning, but it’s now more about achieving Win-Win results rather than Win-Lose. My desire is in seeking that meaning and purpose in my life. I want to make an optimal positive difference in the world. My happiness is now growing in its pervasiveness because it impacts other people. It is also lasts much longer and is deeper.

    Level 4 is what I ultimately seek in life. I fundamentally desire ultimate or perfect truth, beauty, love, goodness, and being. But I have to recognize that this ultimate goal is not found strictly in the material elements of the world, it is found in transcendence, what people of faith look for in God. Even if someone doesn’t subscribe to a specific religious faith, they still have the a fundamental yearning for perfect truth, beauty, love, goodness, and being. This happiness is the most pervasive, enduring, and deep.

  8. AbigailAdams JULY 4, 2021 AT 5:56 AM

    Hell, they won’t even need to know basic math, read or write to graduate from high school in Oregon if the Democrats get their way

  9. Well I just bought 6 ounces of fuel for my car with that windfall Joey got me on my 4th of July cookout.

  10. As a point-of-order – he’s NOT interviewing “AMERICANS.”

    He’s interviewing, “Californians.” 🙄

  11. democRATz have no shame! That they would actually brag about a hot dog dinner costing 16 cents less this year should be totally embarassing… but not to them! I would point out that any so-called “savings that democRATz got us wuz blow out the tailpipe just going to the grocery store!! Remember when Bela Pelosi poo-pooed President Trump’s significant tax cuts and called them “crumbs”? Yet these same Assholes will turn around and crow about saving 16 pennies on hot dogs!! FU!

    Now about the level of stupidity in this country… I lay that at the feet of every teacher, good or bad! This video should be shown to all teachers everywhere to bring awareness to the fact that our school system is crapping out a bunch of complete Dumshitz! Functional Idiots who can’t even cite the basics and with Common Core can’t add, subtract or multiply, but they sure know how to divide!

  12. The 4th is a celebration of when we told the government we are not going to give up our guns.

  13. Come on folks. To show our gratitude to the husk occupying the oval office, we should ALL give the gift of the 16 cents BACK to the government to help pay down the national debt.

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