Chelsea Clinton Scolds Steve Bannon for ‘Fat-Shaming’ Sean Spicer

Breitbart: A grouchy Chelsea Clinton took issue Tuesday with a joke reportedly made by White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon — accusing him of ‘fat-shaming’ White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

The former first daughter, who is definitely not running for political office anytime soon, was reacting to a report in the Atlantic about the scaling back of White House press briefings. The article included a text message Bannon sent to a reporter asking why fewer briefings were being held on-camera.

“Sean got fatter,” Bannon reportedly quipped.

The response did not sit well with Clinton 3.0, who accused the White House of “using fat shaming to justify increased opacity.” She also noted that the year is 2017 — just in case any of her followers weren’t sure.

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SNIP: See? Funny as hell.

You know what else is funny? It’s funny that she looks like Donkey from Shrek.

Shut up, Chels.

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  1. Hubble’s gonna be pissed at you guys picking on his
    Shrillary was not available for comment, she was in
    her handy van.

  2. How on earth did you get, and why on earth would you post a picture of Chelsea’s asshole? oh sorry, I looked again and can see its a face.

  3. The spawn of two jackasses. What else does anyone expect from her, other than braying!

    I will be eternally grateful that the Clintons only had one child between them, (disregard any patented by Slick Willie). (Hmmm, Slick Willie; I’ve heard that term for about 50 years, and just figured out the double meaning! Talk about naieve. No wonder my husband didn’t tell me dirty jokes…… I didn’t get them.).

  4. Kid ain’t right in the head. We know her mother is extremely mean, mad, and bitter. We also knows she drinks a lot. Beginning to wonder if this kid has been on the receiving end of her mother’s viciousness. How many times did her mother throw something at hubby but hit the kid instead? Life had to be pure hell being raised by that bitter old bitch.

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