Chelsea Handler Says Gay and Brown People Aren’t Necessarily Strong or Intelligent

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. -Charles Darwin. The world is getting browner and gayer, so everyone needs to hop on board, or go live in a hole.


Kind of insulting, no?


Here’s some actual science: gay people are incapable of reproducing and if everyone were gay the human race would be extinct in a generation. The only way gay people can survive is if there are straight people to make more of them. It really doesn’t get any more simple than that.

I’m equally intrigued by Handler’s command that we all need to hop on board of this brown gay thing. How do we do that? I guess people could just become gay, but I was under the impression that homosexuality was inborn and not a choice.

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19 Comments on Chelsea Handler Says Gay and Brown People Aren’t Necessarily Strong or Intelligent

  1. I used to be happy and gay but now I’m sick and tired (and I mean this in the literal sense).

  2. “Handler,” eh?

    I think when she has a baby, somebody MIS-Handlered her, and dropped her on her head.

    Repeatedly… 😳

  3. Gays are not incapable of procreating. They may lack the proclivity to procreate for obvious reasons but their plumbing works like their hetero counter parts.

  4. The only time the word gay should be used is as an insult. (that is so gay)

    otherwise, use the correct term, homosexual.

    There is no reason at all to assist homosexuals in their effort to normalize deviancy by making up words.

  5. Vodka is no longer the friend she thinks it is.

    Anyone else think she looks like the Mummy in the final scene when someone reads the Book Of Thoth spell aloud and he returns, howling, to the dust whence he came?

  6. Gays reproduce by recruitment. The younger and more unsuspecting the recruit the better.

    The analogy to vampires is very accurate.

  7. When liberals let down their guard/filter….

    You really find out what they think about minorities…..

    Minorities are only a means to an end.


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