Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show axed…but her spin is hilarious


Grace Curley: Getting cancelled is never a good look. So it should come to no surprise that Chelsea is in a little bit of denial.

But her spin is too funny. She claims that rather than getting axed, she has decided to focus on more meaningful projects because of…you guessed it- Donald Trump.

Read the statement released by the “comedian.”

23 Comments on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show axed…but her spin is hilarious

  1. Maybe she could join Harvey Weinstein fighting the NRA

    Aside : isn’t it great that Harvey wants to fight the NRA maybe he can start a 401 Rapists for gun control

  2. I watch very little television anymore and haven’t for years. I really have no idea who this clown is although I’ve heard the name. The amount of garbage broadcast is what put me off and she’s probably a good example of why I don’t miss it.

  3. She has decided to look into (and embrace!) the truth surrounding her grandfather being a true blue legit nazi. (Her FAVORITE grandfather if I remember correctly.)

  4. This reminds me of the good ol’ days, when a senator would get caught canoodling with a mistress and, having no chance of getting re-elected, would “retire” from the Senate to “spend more time with his family”.

  5. Well, good for her.

    I’m pretty certain her show would have sucked anyway.

    Now she can concentrate on … uhh … that other stuff … like President Trump!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. With Harvey Weinstein and Chelsea Handler both ganging up on the NRA, does this violate a law against gangbanging without a silencer. The carnage will really start when these two go on the road together to bring down President Donald J. Trump.

  7. The Kathy Griffin career bell curve.

    She doesn’t really have any standup skills, so Vegas is not a fallback.

    Her best hope would be for The View to have an opening.
    But Behar probably won’t allow another Behar clone to join the show.

    I see drunken 3 AM Youtube rants in her future.

    It all goes downhill after Bradley Manning steals your name.

  8. How bad does it have to be for your show to get cancelled by NetFixx for pete sake? She’s saying she’s still going to work with them in the upcoming year while she educates herself for the upcoming election which is showbix BS for you’ll won’t see her again on this channel anytime soon.


    “I don’t know what to do with my emotions, can no longer hold down a job, so I am pretending to be open-minded by traveling the U.S. like Zuckerberg, to ignore the people I don’t like, but still pat myself on the back for trying. Promote candidates based on sexism and unAmerican values, and basically act like this is 1915 America, and shriek all over the place. The louder I am, the more right I must be!
    I will set myself apart from all the other people doing the same thing, by doing the same thing. Here I come deplorable bigots!”


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