Chelsea Manning wants to transition into a senator❣️☆🌹🌼🌈⚡️

Patriot Retort: Bradley transitions again.

Yup. Bradley Manning is transitioning again.

This time into a Senate candidate.

But why bother running a campaign?

Bradley would be running against Democrat Senator Ben Cardin in the June primary. But as the Washington Post reports, Cardin is expected to breeze to victory like shit through a goose.

Could you imagine if Bradley won?

He would probably be the only US Senator unable to receive even the most basic security clearance.

But I doubt that Bradley actually thinks he’ll win.

My guess is he’s just trolling for attention.

But he is already taking donations and claims it’s for real.
SNIP: Go here to read the rest, and watch the video. 🦄 💜 It’s  😘 🦋 hysterical❣️🍄🌸🤣


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  1. Apologies for the second post on this thread….I don’t have a clue how I did that…..other than being technically challenged.

  2. Go for it!
    Cardin’s a corrupt piece of shit.
    Manning’s a pervert and a convicted traitor.

    The Demonrats will probably just stand there babbling “Norman, co-ordinate!” (obscure Star Trek reference) until their heads shut down, completely.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Manning, you want to be a Democrat senator? There’s surgery for that, too! It’s called a prefrontal cortex lobotomy, and it’s a simple, quick, out-patient procedure. You won’t feel a thing. Forever.

  4. “I hope nothing strange comes out in the opposition research.” – David Burge

    You go… um… “girl”. – Me

  5. Manning is the PERFECT democrat candidate. In one meat package you get a lady/dude, gay/straight/bi, ex-prisoner, ex-military, hypocrite . Now if only Manning identified as black…

  6. The tragic thing is that Maryland is now such a fucked up democrat state, that this miserable little faggot traitor could actually win.

  7. He She will be perfect in California take Diana F senator seat or she always can run for governor of California or nanny pelosi seat

  8. Why doesn’t the Marx National Committee just run a bonobo or squash, what are they genuphobes? Vegephobes? Hatepeople?

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