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Cheney Challenger Is Raising Tons of Dough


Harriet Hageman, the Republican candidate endorsed by former President Donald Trump, has hauled in over $1 million as she prepares to challenge Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney.

Included in the amount Hageman has raised so far is $745,381, which includes $443,460 raised during the third and fourth quarters of 2021 after she announced her candidacy, according to a campaign press release shared with the Washington Examiner.

“Wyoming deserves to be represented by someone who cares about Wyoming, not someone who is consumed by her own personal war with President Trump,” Hageman said in the press release.


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  1. Well Wyomingites do deserve to be represented by someone who was born and raised and actually lives in WY. Cheney is none of those.

  2. Wyoming is God’s country.

    Constitutional Carry has a lot to do with how people treat each other around these parts.

  3. We need someone to run against rino lindsey grahamnesty here in SC.
    Best of luck to Ms. Hageman.

  4. I hope she romps Cheney.
    Collins said she’s not running again but she also said, when she ran the 1st time she’d only serve 2 terms and that was a lie.
    Maine needs to dump her.
    All the RINOs need to go.

  5. Anonymous,,,moron. Your post makes no sense. Is everyone, who believes in a constitutional America, kissing Trump’s ass? Dip-shit moron at that.

  6. To Anonymous@9:36am,
    FYI, Harriet Hageman ran for WY Governor the last election. She is a prominent citizen and has a history, and strong opinions.

    Step back from your keyboard, the oatmeal your mommy made you is getting cold.

  7. dman, constitutional, such a big word from a small mind. What exactly does consumed have to do with constitutional, or maybe you got it confused with constipated just like your thoughts.

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