Cheney loses big to Trump-backed challenger in Wyoming GOP straw poll – IOTW Report

Cheney loses big to Trump-backed challenger in Wyoming GOP straw poll

JTN: GOP Rep. Liz Cheney was routed this past weekend by a Trump-backed primary challenger in straw poll conducted by the Wyoming Republican State Central Committee.

Cheney, an outspoken Trump critic and a member of the Democrat-led House Jan. 6 select committee, lost to challenger Harriet Hageman by a margin of 59-6. more

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  1. Hopefully the start of a wave that will sweep RINO’S out of offices. If Liz loses her supporters and liberals will cry stolen election!

  2. Will we see democRATs cheating for Republicans while finger-pointing at the GOP and blaming them for voter fraud? Talk about a twisted, tangled mess!!

  3. “Will we see democRATs cheating for Republicans while finger-pointing at the GOP and blaming them for voter fraud? Talk about a twisted, tangled mess!!”

    Yes. Whatever works. And the RINOs will “tut-tut” and help pass some bill which ends real elections, forever.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Will DOMINION count the votes in the Primary?

    As GWB’s role model said 100 years ago, ” … who counts the votes!”!

  5. Don’t know about WY but I was in neighborjng MT, Mizzoula specifically, for the weekend, and I was rather surprised.

    Pretty country. Nice mountains.

    Batshit crazy liberal city.

    …i mean, one thing I couldn’t look anywhere and not see was BLACK LIVES MATTER signs. Odd, considering that I saw no ACTUAL Black Lives the whole time I was on the ground there.

    I DID see a LOT of pot dispensaries, a fuckton of things calling themselves “Casinos” but utterly lacking in the faux grandeur that name usually implies, bizarrely laid out streets, hair every color but natural, and white trash guys mounding up stolen bicycles out of a patchwork van next to a fleabag residence hotel I accidentally came across when my GPS tried to get me to smash through the side of a bridge so I could drive on the riverside WALKING trail below for some reason.

    I declined the directions.

    AND the stolen bicycles.

    Not a lot of conservative thought on display like I would normally expect coming from (Appalachian) mountain stock myself, but Lord God Almighty, there sure were methods of taking drugs being exhibited in what few shops I went into. Gummies seemed popular, there was even a Bob Ross Gummi making set, but hookas, bongs, and pipes were on offer everywhere as well.

    And given the way the parking lots were laid out (at my hotel if you parked in front, you found it impossible to get out because of the v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w McDonald’s Drive-Thru line immediately behind it, which I learned the hard way), I’d say the drug scene has been there AWHILE.

    My wife thought it was too close yo WA, but it had ALL of ID and Western WA between it and the loonier coast, so I don’t think that’s it. Sure, its a college town, but does the college override the base conservatism one would normally expect to find in such high, cold places?


    I did find SOME sane people, mostly at the tiny, six gate “International” airport (MSO, and its a nice looking place with stuffed bears and moose everywhere, and the car rental guys seem sane because they only mask up when they see you coming), but everywhere else there were people with piercings and gages in their faces, even at the Sinclair station.

    All of this was a revelation to me. I had been led to believe the cold, non-coastal areas of the country were rock-ribbed conservative, but THIS place (an admittedly small sample size as I wasn’t there very long or go very far) most DEFINITELY was NOT. Biden bumperstickers vied for dominance over pot leaf and “why be normal” ones all over cars that DID sport Montana plates, so at least SOME of the residents were in that ill-tempered, horn-honking throng of very angry drivers who wanted to drive 80 mph on side streets and couldn’t figure out from the California license plate on my spring-scraping rental car that I mostly didn’t know where I was going and couldn’t trust Google Maps to not steer me into a concrete pedestrian barrier on a walking bridge.

    I’m hoping someone more familiar with the area tells me that Mizzoula is a fluke, an outlier, a college Communist bastion isolated in a ring of mountains.

    Because if it is NOT, and is instead ACTUALLY representative of the non-coastal Western states, Pedo may well win the next ‘election’ legit, if we can’t even trust small town mountain folk to reject him…

  6. Be careful, Mr. Hageman. Cheney acts—and looks—more like Hillary every day.

    Watch your driving, and make an official statement that you wish to live a long life.

  7. MT flipped to goofball a decade ago. Meth, rural poverty, Letterman/Turner/Gates, and yes cold weather. The common thread is HYPOCRISY: all these idjits preach an inhabitable world for us, that they themselves reject.

    It was sparsely populated so it didn’t take much to flip.

  8. @SNS
    Judging Montana from a visit to Missoula is like judging Texas from a visit to Austin. Most of it is due to the college. We call it “Zootown” for good reason.

  9. Yep. Your impressions are correct, SNS. Thanks to transplanted Libdorks and idiot, local spawn, most of the larger towns in MT suck, but Mizzoolah REALLY SUCKS!!! It’s far and away the suckiest…

    Some good news, though. An older cousin from Great Falls, who had been a stupid, deaf, dumb and blind Dhimmicrap for her entire life, was so disgusted with the crap O’Bamma pulled, she switched parties and became a huge Trump supporter.
    Miracles sometimes happen.

  10. @ KenH
    You are right about Missoula. I stayed there on the way to Idaho a while back and I was very surprised what a crap hole it is. Scummy looking college students everywhere and five mini-casinos on every corner. We went to eat at what we thought was a nice steakhouse and left after the waitress came to the table with multiple piercings. All I could imagine was those things dripping onto my food. College towns suck!

  11. That was a killer ad. I hope Liz was pissing down her leg watching it. I drove through eastern WY one moonlit night and I swear to god it looked like I was on the moon.

    I spent about a year in w MT and a lot of that in Missoula. Yep, it’s a crazy liberal town, not nearly as bad as Boulder or Asheville. You get out of it and you are immediately among sane people again. It is a college town.

  12. @ SNS: Missoula hasn’t been Montana for several decades – maybe starting in the ’60s. Bozeman and Nolackaloonies, the State Crapitol, are just marginally better. But the rest of the State, not counting some of the reservations, remains pretty sane.

  13. Thank you everyone for fleshing that part of the world out for me. I’d never previously been West of St. Louis (back when being White there wasn’t suicidal) so I didn’t really know what to expect.

    I guess I was hoping for High Plains Drifter.

    And got Brokeback Mountain instead.


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