Cherokee Nation Demands Elizabeth Warren Retract False Heritage

Federalist- More than 200 members of the Cherokee Nation penned an open letter to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren Wednesday urging the Democratic presidential candidate to “fully address the harm” she caused by falsely identifying as a Native American for years.

“Whatever your intentions, your actions have normalized white people claiming to be Native, and perpetuated a dangerous misunderstanding of tribal sovereignty,” they wrote. “Your actions do not exist in a vacuum but are part of a long and violent history.”

The tribe said white citizens claiming to be members of “fake tribes” have continued to be awarded more than $800 million in federal contracts set aside for minority businesses.

“Rather than using evidence of Native ancestry, these fake tribes rely solely on family stories and commercial DNA tests,” the authors explained. “When you still defend yourself by stating you believed what you heard growing up, you set a harmful example for these white people stealing Native identity and resources.” read more

16 Comments on Cherokee Nation Demands Elizabeth Warren Retract False Heritage

  1. They should be demanding her be jailed for decades of fraud. But that would be justice and we don’t have that for politicians.

  2. That’s mighty white of those red hide Injuns, but she’s done apologizing for them high cheekbones and tall tales from her mammy and pappy. Senator Elizabeth Warren has to overcome her inability to get ahead of that damned Bolshevik Bernie. Her Mensheviks back in Massachusetts are counting on her to bring home Bernie’s scalp.

  3. I’d like her to be forced to give back with interest the income she received when she paraded as a NA. OR be a fair minded Democrat and return the money voluntarily. Yea, I know. I can dream, can’t I?

  4. I’m a NATIVE American.

    Fuck Warren.
    And fuck the Cherokees.

    If goodies weren’t handed out on the basis of “ethnicity” Warren wouldn’t have lied about her ancestry. It’s not her fault! (see how that works?)
    The Cherokee Nation perpetrated as much violence as the honkies did (just weren’t as technologically advanced), practiced slavery, and, in the final analysis, are just as human as the rest of us.

    Take your sanctimony and shove it up your asses.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. …Eastern Band Cherokee are probably the WORST ones to claim without proof. They have a blood quantum, you have to have a tracable ancestor on the Dawes or Baker rolls, and you have to PROVE it before you’re 19.

    …plus, they got REALLY possessive once tribal membership gave you a cut of Casino profits, just sayin’…

  6. Anonymous
    FEBRUARY 27, 2020 AT 10:52 AM
    “Harvard should demonstrate such integrity.

    To think, they started as a Divinity School. Pfft!”

    …it’s legit, when you consider that Liberals want to rule us like gods…they think they are training NEW divinites in other liberals, you see…

  7. @bill

    Doubt that the Indians want to pay for the years of schooling that would be required to teach Lying Cow how to clean toilets.


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