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Readers are going to have to learn the hard way that when they e-mail me good stuff it might end up as a post! This is from Sean Padraig-

I was reading about the history of the Confederate Flag and came a cross a pic of Cherokees with the southern flag.  Well, it turns out that Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee great, great, great grandparents from Oklahoma owned African slaves!  Not only that, but they joined with the Confederates to stop the war of northern aggression even though they had been exiled out of the United States.  What is a liberal to do?  Should all history of the Cherokee nation now be banned from all public lands?  Strip them of their casinos?  Ban the Cherokee flag?

Here are some interesting pics:

and the story of the deadly Cherokee slave revolt of 1842:

Many other tribes  sided with the south as well, but Warren isn’t related to them so it’s not her fault.  One site claimed that over 26,000 indians fought in the Confederate army.

As I am sure you are aware, many slaves also fought against the northern invaders voluntarily.  Many slaves liked their lives and their owners and did not want the Yankees ruining it.  I’m not saying slavery was right, by any means, but the image of vicious slave owners torturing their slaves is largely fiction.  Being that a slave cost between $400 and $4,000 in 1860 ( that’s $11,000 and $110,000 in current money) depending on age and skills, that kept them safe, healthy and happy.  And, of course, they were encouraged to breed…lot’s of it!

-Sean Padraig

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  1. @ Sean- Thank you for referring to the so-called “civil war” by its Confederate label: the “war of northern aggression.”

  2. “Readers are going to have to learn the hard way that when they e-mail me good stuff it might end up as a post! ”

    Um, Furry dude, getting it posted was my goal! And I succeeded!

    Thank you very much for posting this story. I’ll check back in a little while….Seth just invited me over for a few drinks and some just caught fried shrimp!



  3. Who needs $11k when it’s free and legal? 1/2 of 4% of the population is now enslaved to ass ramming, to be celebrated and recognized as a state and federal right with no aggression from the north or south–Fly that freak flag high!

  4. Boobie – that would be the historically accurate label rather than simply the Confederate label. The Confederacy would never have attempted to invade the northern states if they had simply been left alone as the Constitution dictated. It was the unwarranted aggression of the federal govt. that started it all.

  5. Never heard of -Sean Padraig till just of few days ago. Is this someone who has changed there name like Menderman is -Sean Padraig. Or Mr.pinko is now -Sean Padraig.
    Where did this guy come from? Just all of a sudden he is every where.

    Am I the only one who wonders who this is?

  6. There are some readers that have been here since the beginning and never comment (or slip in a comment now and then). Others show up, love us and start commenting right away. I can think of several that have become favorites of mine within the last year. And, of course, favorites since the beginning (at least since I’ve been here).

    I usually watch the new commenters to see if they are serious about adding to our discussions. I think Sean has been a great commenter and I appreciate his effort at joining in with us crazies.

  7. Yes Steve Sean must be CIA. But notice the dash over the “a” in his name? That’s called a “fada” or “fadda” in Gaelic. He must have a special key board? But his pictures were brilliant and BFH did good by posting them. I don’t think he’s Menderman or Mr. Pinko. , or Donald Trump.

  8. Sean seams to familer with ‘the furry dude’ so I assume he is known.
    I also was wondering who he is. Kinda like Jason Chizel.

  9. the war of ‘ Northern Agression’ ???

    how about the war of ‘Southern Sucession’ ???

    we were one country…..not 20

    i chuckle when i talk to a southerner about the ‘civil war’

  10. Actually, the Confederacy wasn’t
    that “sucess”-ful.

    You probably meant the “War of Southern SEcession”.


  11. Wow some new or old guy, what ever starts posting some good shit and this is the reaction? Really? Who gives a shit? So far he’s been right on the money.

  12. I think Steve is just wondering who he is. He is very good that’s the point.
    Who is he? Where did he come from. He is too hip for the room.
    He spells correctly and has perfect grammer.
    He should have his own blog, or maybe he does.

  13. BFH and Sean sitting in a tree. I can’t fing believe what I’m reading here tonight. I got shit to do.

  14. Sleeping Giant – Why would you find it humorous to talk to a southerner about the war of northern aggression that needlessly killed 700,000+ people? Secession was always considered a valid option since the founding of the USA and was threatened several times by northern states in the early years of the republic.

    America was founded as one country made up of several states that were guaranteed the “right” to decide issues for themselves that weren’t specifically enumerated in the Constitution as being the purview of the federal govt.

    The 10th amendment is very clear: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    It is this blatant usurpation of states’ rights by the federal govt. that recently brought us same-sex “marriage” among other travesties of justice. The southern states seceded as a peaceful alternative to war …… not to cause a brutal conflict. Obviously, the southern states could have simply declared war against the northern states (or federal govt.) without seceding if that was their true intent.

  15. Moe – I had to look up “Cead Mile Failte”. I thought you were tryin’ to slip some mexican past us rubes for a minute.

    And now that I know what it means, I concur.

  16. @ Sean
    Didn’t mean to slight the article when I posted a few hours ago. Had to leave the computer.

    The article is quite cool. Thanks for the info. I knew about slaves fighting for the Confederacy, but I didn’t know about the American Indians fighting. Interesting.

  17. Sean, just keep doing what you are doing. If I think you are wrong I’ll tell you, If I think you are right I will congratulate you. Either way we learn something. Personally I think that’s what it’s all about. Love your comments. Screw the white noise.

  18. That was the war where the Northern Army – the United States Army – burned homes, barns and crops, murdered livestock, poisoned wells and stole property as they turned women, children and the elderly out into the elements. This was an attempt to get the men fighting in the revolt to quit the army and come home to care for their now vulnerable families. The Federals couldn’t defeat the Confederate armies in the field, so they sought to hit them below the belt by going after their families.

    On the other hand, when the Army of Northern Virginia invaded and then subsequently left Pennsylvania after Gettysburg, the civilian populace was left alone in peace.

    So… Fu*k William T. Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant and all those other low-down scumbags who are eternally cursed and bereft of honor.

    Just sayin’.

  19. Cherokee people
    Cherokee tribe
    So proud to live
    So proud to die

    But maybe someday when they’ve learned
    Cherokee Nation will return
    Will return, will return
    Will return, will return

    Paul Revere And The Raiders – Indian Reservation

    Thee was no Indian tribe so utterly & completely fucked over than the Cherokees. Read their history & see.

  20. The last Confederate general to surrender was Stand Watie commanding a unit of his fellow Cherokees.

    Units of Cherokees joined both sides in the war, reflecting the long standing feud between those who had voluntarily moved to Oklahoma and those who held out and were eventually forced to take the “Trail of Tears”.

    “Rifles for Watie” used to be required reading growing up in OK.

  21. Reading a book by Chief Joseph Riverwind. His trive, the Taino Tribe, the tribe Columbis “discovered”, was decimated by the Spaniards. By non-white Europeans. This crap has gone on since time began.

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