Cher’s Daughter is a Transintellect

Chaztitty is stuck somewhere between idiot and imbecile, the trans process not yet complete.

This is what Cher’s daughter had to say about gun control-

“I think we need to start putting some of the restrictions that we used to have back in place. I don’t think that we need to have unlimited magazines, I think we absolutely need to have background checks with everybody and I think if you’re on the no-fly list, you should absolutely not be able to buy a gun.”

What restrictions did we use to have that are not in place any longer?

What are unlimited magazines?

We don’t have background checks?

No-fly lists?

Ted Kennedy would have never been able to buy a gun. Not because he was on the no-fly list, which he was, but because he was a drunkard.


The fake testicles don’t fall far from the tree.

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  1. Apparently everyone that has any connecting to the entertainment industry is a gross freakish lunatic?

    As a by the way, other than the last 70 years or so in the West, entertainers were viewed for the previous 1000 years+ in much the same way as carnies, whores, and con men, exactly because they are all one and the same.

  2. ” I don’t think that we need to have unlimited magazines.”

    .. does this mean I have to drop my subscription to ‘Transfucktard Quarterly’?

  3. Back in the 60’s you could see the bearded lady for a quarter, my mother said they were
    mutant freaks. Probably the result of incest. Mom was a doctor.

  4. Maybe hee means the Piers Morgan restriction where by only firearms available at the time of the founding would be allowed.

    Nah, hee don’t know what the f–k hee means.

  5. I want unlimited magazines, where do we buy them at? I would like a return to the gun laws we once had as well, such as no background checks, remember those days, yet something that was supposed to stop criminals from getting guns didn’t work because criminals will buy them on the blackmarket or steal them. They haven’t worked because just about every mass shooting the shooters passed background checks. All it did is let government know how many guns we buy.
    If we go to the way back machine then we could legally own automatic weapons without spending thousands of dollars to get one and basically give the government a written invitation to enter our home anytime they want.

    BTW, while idiots are still wanting our guns and politicians are coming up with more bills to take them, Jesus Campos has been found. Him and the maintenance guy recorded an interview with the lesbo; Ellen. Yep an interview with Ellen, but they have nothing to hide. He sure looks like he’s been well fed while in hiding.

  6. All that matters is that It said it, It feels good about It’s Self now and it’s not going to be questioned . Of coarse It’s right, he said it and that’s all that matters !!!

  7. I remember seeing little Chastity on the Sonny and Cher show back in the 70s.

    I wonder how badly and how often that little girl was molested by the type of people we’re hearing about now. Her “transgenderism” is probably just her attempt to run as far away from herself as possible. On some level, she probably thinks that being male makes her safer.

    Further, I’d bet dollars to donuts Cher knew exactly what was happening to her own child at the time.

  8. I’m fully in support of rolling back firearms laws. Those firearm laws existing in 1933 would be just great, back in the day when anyone could buy a Thompson Sub Machine Gun or BAR, before the restrictions of the National Firearms Act of 1934. If not rolling back that far, maybe just to 1967 before the Gun Control Act of 1968 or even to 1985 before the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 would probably suffice.

  9. He/She thinks life resembles a video game where you can hack (or cheat) the game and have unlimited ammo (probably thinking Duke Nukem, Half-Life, or Halo).
    “Enter the super-secret code and never have to pick up another ammo box or med pack again”.
    He/She may also think that people will re-spawn at a pre-determined time and location so that they can enter the arena to go at it again.

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