Chicago: 6-Month-Old Boy, Three Others Shot in Street

Breitbart: A six-month-old boy and three others were shot Wednesday night while sitting inside a car in the South Loop neighborhood of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago.

NBC Chicago reports that the shooting occurred around 9 pm “on Cermak Road near South State Street.” The six-month-old boy and three others were in the car when a man in a ski mask walked up and opened fire. more

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  1. Yep! And what we need are more laws to get guns out of the hands of the criminals, eh? (Or, is it me you fascists are really chasing….?)

    I will talk about new laws when you use the laws we have already given you: enforce!

    Was that not clear? Enforce existing gun laws! ….Lady in Red

  2. I am completely losing empathy …. the Leftist Progressive Marxists continually castigate me as an ‘old white male’ (a trifecta in their world of divisive politics: ageism, racism & genderism) as the problem, while totally absolving themselves of all responsibility for the situation them placed themselves in.

    … ain’t working no more

  3. I went to undergraduate and graduate school at DePaul University. Took the Metra into the big city and walked to classes on Jackson and Wabash from Union Station – mainly at night. Didn’t have a care in the world, but was still vigilant. Then loved going to Navy Pier, Eataly, etc. NO. MORE. Shitcago is ruined for me.

  4. @Lady in Red – I respectfully disagree. Too many laws exist that infringe on my right to defend myself, my family, and my property with a firearm, the most effective tool for doing that.

    What would reduce the number of assaults is more principled people carrying weapons to defend themselves: over time, and in my opinion a not very long time, the inevitable attrition rate among assailants plus the deterrent effect of individuals vigorously defending themselves would have salutary effects on the current problem.

  5. Uncle Al…. You are correct and I do agree with you.

    My skin is so sensitized to the screaming demands of “more laws, more laws” from liberals, that, now, if we can just keep a finger in the dike with a demand for enforcement of *existing* laws, that would be a big win.

    I don’t see anyone interested in rolling back the myriad stupid laws already on the books, today.

    It’s depressing, the vapid thinking of the left. ….Lady in Red

    PS: When my husband and I finally left the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, a woman, who shot and killed her ex-husband, after retreating to the far corner of her basement, was charged with murder. I think she got off, but I don’t remember…..

  6. No, I signed, Uncle Al.

    I sign letters and memos, too. It’s old fashioned. ….smile… Polite?

    When I print letters I type my initials followed by /sbdd…. ….which stands for Superbrain Double Density, my “secretary” at the time.

    I think it’s pretty. ….Lady in Red

  7. IIRC, when they purged Cabrini Green and moved the occupants to public housing in Rockford and Freeport, the mayor exulted loudly how he’d reduced crime in Chicago.

    Now Rockford crime has skyrocketed, Freeport is a close second and Chicago is right back where it started, plus interest.

    Brilliant fookin’move, liberals. You’ve seeded the cancer.

  8. It’s not even sad anymore, it happens all the time, I think they like it.

    Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone…

  9. Let me guess … some hillbilly rednecks in a pick-em-up truck shootin all them innocents?

    Clinging to their guns and Bibles?

    Yeah …

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Tough crowd tonight…

    Hoo Hoo Nay Nay SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 AT 7:18 AM

    Danville, IL also got many as my daughter found out when she got her nursing degree at a school there. She slept with a Model 12 stoked with double ought buck just under the side of the bed. She knew how to use it and would have…


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