Chicago: 63 Shot, 8 Killed over Weekend


At least 63 individuals were shot and eight were killed over the weekend in gun-controlled Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, over half the shootings occurred within “13 hours from Saturday to early Sunday.” This was followed by the shooting of 16 people during the day on Sunday, and three of the victims were shot on the same street—South Austin.

The weekend violence brings gun-controlled Chicago’s homicides to 451 for the year, which is only 16 homicides short of where Chicago was this time last year. Chicago ended2016 with nearly 800 homicides and roughly 4,400 total shooting victims.

The weekend violence also makes August 18-20 second only to the Fourth of July weekend for bloodshed and mayhem this year. Breitbart News reported more than 100 people were shot over the Fourth of July weekend and the Chicago Sun-Times reported that 36 of those victims “[were] shot across the city in an 8-hour span of violence between 8 p.m. Tuesday and 4 a.m. Wednesday.” Six of the victims shot during that eight-hour span lost their lives.

To date, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s (D) response to the violence and death has been to push for more gun control and to fight concealed carry for law-abiding citizens.

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  1. Chicago is a piker when it comes to murder rates. At 2016 numbers it was
    about 27/100,000. St. Louis #1, (Ferguson area) was 59/100,000. Baltimore #2, at 51/100,00.

  2. Somebody last week (?) brought up a very good point. Were it not for the amazing advances in medical technology over the last few decades, the number of shootings resulting in death would be much higher. 1970s medicine was a lot less sophisticated and successful.

  3. Blacks comprise 32% of Chicago’s population and if you run the numbers with say, 150 blacks killed every week it will take 28 years for there to be no more blacks in Chicago. That is why BallerinaBoy is winking.

  4. 9 dead in Chicago and not a peep, but one run over in Charlottesville and the press get hysterical. Dare we say it’s because the MSM considers one white worth more than 9 black?

  5. Could even be more deaths. The Po Po’s only count murders, the Coroner counts Homicides. Figure 50 more. Chicongo does not count murders on state highways, nigbees justifiably killed by cops, self defense, those shot late in December but don’t die until January, and who knows how many other deaths are hidden.

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