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Chicago Cop Head Stomps an Alleged Perp

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  1. Dindus are so damned stupid that all they understand is force. Don’t want your ass kicked? (or head stomped) Then do what the officer tells you to do. You do not have a right to resist arrest.

  2. Dindu Nuffin finally cooperated after having his head stomped on. It left a pot hole in the pavement.

  3. When you are surrounded by dindus you don’t want to be on the ground wrestling with another.

  4. Resisting arrest. Then the officer is threatened with biting and choking. A head stomp is letting it go easy.

  5. Well then Jethro, you’re obviously not fluent in niglish. You’re gonna do just fine. As for the head stompin, what damage could that do? If the cop was insensitive, he woulda kicked that worthless piece of shit right smack dab in the family jewels. I applaud the officer’s restraint.

  6. “Sheeit, negro, dey done did stomp da shit out Junebug, yo!”

    That’s a fair translation of some of it. I will have to work on the rest.


    So that’s what they call a; Chimp Out, on the scanner?

  8. Can you imagine having to grapple with that stinking writhing motherfucker? I’m SO fucking glad I’m a switch programmer.

  9. Just so you know who to be pissed off at, I just gave a bunch of TDs here.

    The thug cop who stomped the guy could have helped cuff him is a few seconds. Not much more than the time to use excessive force as he did. Was more force needed than the first cop could apply? Yes. But that head stomp was not called for.

    Unarmed resisting arrest does not carry a summary death penalty. The cops were not threatened with grievous bodily harm or death.

  10. Uncle Al, let me come and bite you and choke you while spinning around on the ground with a bunch of pavement apes berating you. Casually pull out your cuffs and deal with it.

  11. @eternal cracker p – Go back and actually read my whole comment and then come back and write something that refers to what I said about the 2nd cop.

  12. @Al – Do you hate the police? – Every time there is a video like this you take the perps side and say how unnecessary the force used was.

  13. Al, The “second cop” stomped his head.

    I don’t blame him, calling for backup and looking at all that underwear.

    Bro’s could be shooting any minute.

  14. @Uncle Al: the second cop did what he was suppose to do, support the first cop on scene and call backup. If it makes you feel better, let me come and bite you and choke you while spinning around on the ground with a bunch of pavement apes berating your brother who is there to protect you. The second cop was compelled to keep the first cop safe and the pavement apes at bay. He did that with one swift stomp. Wrong? Well that starts with the dude on the ground who got his head stomped for resisting in the first place. Go from there, as I said he got off easy.

  15. Really good vids these daze bro’s! Most of these shitheads-ugh-citizens are out there just to see if they can get somebody fired for doing their job… Poop-ugh-Perp #1 . If you don’t want none don’t start none (when the nice policeman says “stop resisting and put your arms behind your back”… Do it! I believe the next statement used to be ‘or die’ THEN: You wanna to stop all this mass filming bullshit? Perp #2 – 50 prepare to have all of your cell phones confiscated and dropped into a bucket of water… *Don’t we wish?

  16. Is there any way that we can rewind this and insert Whoopi Goofberg in place of the Dindu getting his head stomped???
    I guarantee there will be a line stretching from there to California to play the part of the backup cop…hell I’d PAY for a place in that line.

  17. I would give that head stomp a pass – they were dealing with a dangerous combatant who was not about to give up.
    Now, the judge in the case is probably not going to like that utube video, so the head stomp was probably not the best response. Mace, taze, and nut-kick while blocking the view of the camera lens — that’s my recommendation. Or let him up and give him a chance to swing at you so you can half-empty a mag into his criminal ass.

    @Jethro, I couldn’t understand a word either. Not a very safe place to be.

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