Chicago: Days after $1 million smash-and-grab, Lightfoot walked out of meeting with “idiot” luxury car dealer — A city inspector showed up with a ticket book

CWBChicago: It’s almost cliché. If a business owner angers Chicago City Hall, they can expect to be visited by one of the city’s enthusiastic ticket-writing ordinance enforcers. But that doesn’t really happen … Right?

After two men smashed a display case in Joe Perillo’s Gold Coast Exotic Motor Cars showroom and escaped with over $1 million in luxury watches on December 11, the well-known car dealer appeared on local and national TV news programs, demanding that the city and county take immediate steps to curb crime.

“It’s only a fool who keeps doing things the same way and expects different results. If the Mayor and Kim Foxx don’t do anything to get control of this, it’s not going to get better. It’s going to get worse,” Perillo told CBS2.

“If they don’t do anything about this, they’re going to lose a lot of businesses. They lost Macy’s. They’re losing Neiman Marcus. They may lose this store,” he said in another interview.

Perillo got Lightfoot’s attention.

Days after the smash-and-grab, Lightfoot walked in to Perillo’s showroom at 834 North Rush Street, where Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and Bentley models are on display. She wasn’t there to buy. more here

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  1. Wow! It’s almost (not quite… of course) like if you don’t kill them all, and their entire households, the very, the VERY, first time they threaten you… they’ll just keep attacking. Huh. Who’da thought?

    No, seriously, loyal citizen… who’s thinking?

  2. This is stuff you see in 3rd world totalitarian states.
    But then again, at this point, Illinois, New York, California, Washington, DC, and Oregon are no better that 3rd world totalitarian states.

  3. Joe Perillo, Campania, Cammora, white tie, gold watches, luxury cars… I’m guessing he knows a guy. 😉

  4. “The Mayor routinely meets with victims of crime…” Well, that explains why she doesn’t have time to do anything else…

  5. Unrelated to the mayor’s visit….

  6. That’s a nice little business you have here. Would be a shame if anything happened to it….. Wonder if Mr. Perillo will be voting Democrat in the next elections.

  7. Completley unrelated to the mayor’s visit.
    No way in Hell did it have ANYTHING to do with Lightfoot’s visit!
    You gots to be outside yo mind to think…
    Bla bla bla

  8. This is nothing, just wait, next week THOUSANDS of criminals get out prison free card courtesy of Donald Trump! Smart guy signed a law letting these dirtbags out. Let the crimes begin! What an ass!

  9. The multimillionaire business owner is an idiot, but the parasitic freak with the temper of a 4 YO is not.
    Got it.

  10. this DORK likely voted for BeetleJuice in the first place so cry me a river…..elections have consequences!

  11. Talk is cheap (worthless).
    Perillo needs to make his feet do the talking. Besides, you’d think his wealthy customers have already ‘shuffled off to Buffalo’ ……

    Let Chicago drown in its own excrement.

  12. SGB Online – a leftist outlet – today had an article about Under Armpit deciding to close its store located in Democrat-run Third World Shithole Detroit.

    But when you click on the link, it takes you to some article about a Red Chinkese company. It would have been interesting to see how SGB would spin/ propagandize the fact that Corporate Amerika is closing stores in Democrat-run big cities because of the rampant crime by Democrat voters.

    SGB also spins/ propagandizes about the massive surge in firearm & ammo sales since February 2020, thanks to the Scamdemic and the riots & arson committed in felon George Floyd’s name.

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