Chicago Drug Gang Leader Says if Anyone Insults Muhammad, ‘His Head Gotta Go’


It could be a whole new trend, drug dealers against blasphemy: Jason Brown, according to the Associated Press, is the “37-year-old leader of the AHK gang,” and “could be heard on secret FBI recordings speaking admiringly about beheadings by the Islamic State group.” Brown, also known as Abdul Ja’Me, said that if anyone insulted Muhammad, “his head gotta go.”

The illustrious Brown’s AHK represents a convergence between drug trafficking and Islam. According to prosecutors, AHK deals drugs all over Chicago, and is “comprised of former members of the Black P-Stone, Gangster Disciples and Four Corner Hustlers who converted to Islam, the court filings say. The gang requires all new members to convert.” read more

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  1. Moohammhead was a petty pedophile warlord who made up alot of crap and fooled a bunch of ignorant savages. Although long dead, he is still fooling a alot of ignorant savages.

    Islam is not a religion. It is a totalitarian dictatorship political system disguised as one, run by sick child molestors.

    If you have the guts to read the facts, go to:

  2. I wonder if a defense attorney has ever used “preemptive act of self defense” in defending a client. If a person believes their life has been threatened and is in danger as a result of a believable and real threat to kill them, shouldn’t you be within your rights to eliminate the threat before they eliminate you? Seeing stories like this makes me think about these assholes that are here to make everyone else miserable.

  3. There was a time in this country this guy would be ‘gone’ before we even read about him…that said probably converted in prison.

  4. @Anonymous November 22, 2019 at 10:36 am

    > Islam is evil.

    And, yet… it’s the only other boots on the ground. First come, first served, Nonny. Always.

  5. Islam is a religion of animal abuse, pedophilia and murder whose god is Satan himself. Almighty God does not expect people to stand by and watch innocent lives destroyed by this evil. Rise up against islam.

  6. If Swallowswell want to nuke someplace he can have at it. Just wait for the breed Obama to get his library outhouse built. Two birds with one stone.

  7. Ahh yes, yet another @sshole from the intolerant political cult that demands tolerance no matter what they’re doing. Launch this f*cker off a roof and be done with it.

  8. Hmm. Is this why the Dems only want to take legal guns and never talk about the illegal guns and the gangs? Is the way the devil is going to try to implement Islamic rule, take away legal guns,(which will never happen), then let the gangs implement Sharia law?

  9. In 3 years hes gonna drop a rap album, marry a beyOnce / Mooch lookalike then change his name to JayMe

    If Oblunder had a son

  10. This is a lethal development wherein a black drug gang goes all mu zz ie. This means, henceforth, all their murders and mayhem, rape and depredations are now going to be sanctified by Allah since the actions will be visited upon the Kafir. Any who try to leave the gang will suffer sanctified killing since they are leaving islame. Further, since the gang members are both negroes and mu zz ies, it will be forbidden to speak of their crimes since the marxists that comprise the left and the entire Chicago government will slander any person who speaks against the gang as both RAAACCCCIIISTT and ISLAMOPHOBIC. This actually is a great opportunity for the marxist left running Chicago to now actually assassinate any opposition by the agency of this mu zz ie gang. If the the actual communist lesbian mayor Chicago can forge an arms-length alliance with this gang, an almost unstoppable reign of terror will ensue. The commie lesbo mayor and commie lesbo DA will ensure the gang gets carte blanche to sell any amount of drugs and murder at will, the marxists can have any opponents actually killed without repercussion , and the marxist media will attack any who object as RRRAAACCCIIISST and islamophobic and just ignore the blood in the streets. Just like they do everywhere today. The murder rate is Chicago will actually drop, because, with government protection, this gang will be unstoppable. They will chew up their competition. No more rampant murders in the streets because this gang will settle all turf wars by becoming dominant. The competition will either be destroyed or join up. And mu zz ies all around Chicago will provide the gang support and protection as they are obligated to fellow mu zz ies. The mayor and the soros DA will be able to trumpet they have made Chicago safer. Just don’t say a mean word against them however, or you will be accidentally be visited by a burglary or mugging gone wrong.

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