Chicago: Employee claims jobs sold for up to $10K in Cook County Circuit Court Clerk’s office


Illinois Policy: FBI investigations into Dorothy Brown’s office have been underway for nearly five years, during which the clerk has disputed accusations of misconduct. But according to one employee interviewed by federal prosecutors, at least one of Brown’s hires may have come with a $10,000 price tag.

An FBI investigation that has spanned nearly five years – and rumors of job-selling that stem back even further – seem to have reached an inflection point in the clerk’s office for Illinois’ largest circuit court.

A recent court filing by federal prosecutors shows employees of Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown detailing hiring practices in the clerk’s office that suggest a questionable pattern of “pay to play” arrangements.

One employee told investigators of a “going rate” of $10,000 to purchase a position at the clerk’s office, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The fee levied in exchange for employment, according to the employee, would be paid through her personal bagman. Financial records document funds traveling from the alleged bagman, who is also employed by the clerk’s office, directly to Brown’s personal accounts as well as that of a company she co-founded, according to the Tribune. Some of the deposits had then been transferred to Brown’s campaign fund.  MORE

13 Comments on Chicago: Employee claims jobs sold for up to $10K in Cook County Circuit Court Clerk’s office

  1. Ummm Chicago right?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. …annnnnnnnnnnnnd, volley BACK to you, Philthadelphia! How do you respond (i.e. – top THIS!)? 🙄

  3. OOOHHHHH, I see. So, THAT’S why I can’t seem to get a job, I’m not offering to PAY for one. Sheesh, how times have changed!

  4. @Claudia March 3, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    > Sheesh, how times have changed!

    For the better. Used to be, you had to rent jobs from pols.

  5. Why do I live here? Got to talk my family into another location. Selling jobs in cook county, Loop businesses hiring armed security guards to patrol because Rahm doesn’t have enough cops, a gang fight and shooting on the 7th floor of Water tower mall last night. I used to be offended when people called it Shitcago but no more.

  6. There is a Governor breaking rocks for that.
    So much for the signal they tried to send, guess the wires got crossed.

  7. I grew up in Chicago and was taught from an early age how corrupt the city was.
    Everything was for sale.
    That was the late 50s/early 60s.
    Courtroom justice was the same.

  8. My brother got arrested many years ago and I had to go to Crook County Jail to bail him out for $100. There was a gang banger/drug dealer (?) waiting his turn with Jewel bags showing off the 100 grand he was posting for bail. He was laughing. Thought is was chump change and a joke for a murder. I can only imagine how bad it is now. Waiting room must be standing room only. Situations only get worse in Shitcago.

  9. Obama’s “real” hometown.

    And five years of investigation this mess? Five years? Really?


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