Chicago: Highly Disorganized Traffic Court Is Snarled In Confusion But Court Clerk Claims It’s ‘Racist’ To Question Her About It


For weeks now, people have been showing up to the Daley Center in downtown Chicago for appearances in traffic court that are being handled entirely online or over the phone.   

Angelica Velez was among them. She received several citations after being involved in a traffic accident.

“I was told to get in the line and then they gave us a paper that says to do it over the phone,” she said.  “I could’ve stayed in bed to do this.”

Some have waited for several hours only to learn their online hearing took place while they were waiting in an actual line outside the courthouse.  More

21 Comments on Chicago: Highly Disorganized Traffic Court Is Snarled In Confusion But Court Clerk Claims It’s ‘Racist’ To Question Her About It

  1. Hard to believe that the Blues Brothers “mission from God” ended up with these losers running the place.

  2. Have you all seen the “training materials” for the roll-out of “diversity sensitivity 2.0”, that muck that’s been touted in the news recently?

    Cities across the country are making it mandatory for all white employees to get it through their thick skulls that things like objectivity, standards of excellence, perfectionism, pride in a job well done — all are culturally insensitive to blacks and other minorities and must be avoided. It’s racist to hold some people accountable for doing the job the taxpayers pay them to do.

  3. Many years ago, I caught a black employee who had added twenty-four hours of overtime to his timesheet. I took the evidence to the HR manager. She almost fired me for daring to lie about a “fine man”. You guessed it, she was black, too. I was later told by two of my black friends that he was screwing her.

  4. Nepotism or virtue signalling however this incompetent boob got the job the voters of that overgrown slum deserve it.
    There’s a better chance of me building the first fusion reactor in my garage than that useless parasite getting replaced by someone that can do the job efficiently.

  5. Everyone (who can) in Chicago plays the race card. They learned that from Jesse Jack Ass Jackson. It is the worst city in the world to do business in. Avoid it like the plague.


    The police, in conjunction with the courts, and city managers (mayors etc) conspire to ticket and drag as many people through the courts, jails, prisons as possible. –TO BALANCE CITY BUDGETS AND MAINTAIN GOVERNMENT JOBS!

    No wonder the courts are snarled up, who’s to blame for that? You sic the cops on the public, they round ’em up for you, now you can’t take their cash fast enough?

    Of course, who will wind up being the losers in this? The public of course.

  7. Black Privilege: The use of “Racism” as a cover to explain away incompetence and malfeasance.

    Duh! #1: If they are holding online hearings, maybe they should not set up a physical line for people to wait in!

    Duh! #2: If they are holding online hearings, put a sign on the line that tells people that!

    Oh, BTW unless you are refunding people’s money, fuck you and yer “apology”!!

  8. AGAIN, I want to ask someone like her if she’s incompetent because of her lack of intelligence or character, of because she has black skin hanging from her bones. She seems to think it’s the latter. People like her are a discredit to decent black people.

  9. ^^^ Speaking of decent Black people… all the people standing in line were decent people just trying to do the right thing and all this bitch can do is resort to using her skin color as an excuse to be stupid. Now THAT right there should be an insult to Blacks everywhere!!

  10. Just wondering how long it took the line to serve up a white person, so she could start quivering and screaming RACISM

  11. “Everything is rayciss when you are a fucking retard affirmative action hire.” – Erik
    You aint been payin’ ‘tenshun, it’s Cog.

  12. Jesse
    AUGUST 2, 2020 AT 10:07 AM
    “Just wondering how long it took the line to serve up a white person, so she could start quivering and screaming RACISM”

    …probably not that long. In Cincinnati after race and anti-police riots in 2001, the CPD was forced into a consent decree that, among other onerous things, required “contact cards” that recorded the race of anyone they contacted, with the point being if they had more Black than White they would be considered rayyyciss and terminated, probably ACTUALLY terminated, not just fired, given the unconditional surrender the Democrats made to the mob before retreating to their well-defended rich suburb with an UNhobbled police department.

    This was difficult to do in a chocolate city where both the population as a whole and the criminals were majority Black, so they took to picking obviously White people off for traffic stops on the highways and going after harmless White drunks at sporting events, and basically harass out-of-town and just passing through White people every chance they got. This made it possible to pad their contact cards with crackers and no real chance of trouble because (A) the media doesn’t care about WHITE people being harassed, and (B) since they were out of towners they usually just mailed in ticket money and let it go.

    Other cities saw this as a model for “progressive policing” and adopted it for both political AND financial reasons.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Chicago were not among them.

    …so it probably did NOT take long to find a Whitey to blame.

    …since WHITEY was the one being racially harassed.

    …also, you’ve heard that maybe Milwaukee’s had some small, tiny little racial issues lately? Well, guess who THEY learned to neuter their Police from, and check out the date on the artice, too…

    …yup. Democrats finding the BEST way to wreck a city and sharing it, it’s kind of their “thing”…


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