Chicago Hits the Shooting An Hour Mark

It’s not easy to double the homicide rate in a year so Chicago killers are having to really up their efforts.


Starting on Tuesday, and running through Wednesday morning, the denizens of the Windy City were host to 21 shootings.

At least all the mayhem isn’t concentrated in one area of the city, that might be racist. No, the shootings stretched from the “Northwest Side to downtown to the Far South Side.”


The glide path to Detroit levels of ruination continues unabated.

13 Comments on Chicago Hits the Shooting An Hour Mark

  1. Keep voting democrat you morons. If they can’t abort you out of existence they will watch you do it to yourselves. Either way, I win.

  2. All that lead will get into the drinking water eventually. They will find a way to blame Gov Rauner. And then it’s off to the Illinois Governor’s Prison with him.

  3. Chicago

    Bro butcher for the world,
    Cool faker, whacker of meat,
    Player with meth labs and the nation’s drug pusher;
    Wormy, dusky, drooling,
    City of the slumped shoulders.

    (apologies to Carl Sandburg)

  4. Good thing the Bullgarian-speaking, autocratic, productivity-obstructing, Al-Qaeda appeasing, lawless, phoney-baloney, Constitution-stomping fraud & plastic banana republic, lying Marxist Muzlim Mallard got all those gun laws in place uh?

  5. Trump, did a rally in St. Louis today, and weathered the Rent-A-Mob, but Chicago’s rally had to be cancelled for the safety of the attendees – upon advice of Chi-town LEOs.

  6. “Chicago had another run of gun violence this week, with twenty-one people shot in twenty hours starting Tuesday through early Wednesday.”

    Only 1 died, but that’s a start.

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