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Chicago is Not the WINdy City, It’s the LOSEdy City

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  1. The guy that gave pursuit made a right turn at the end of his block. I think Skillet and Leroy went straight. Looks like he may have had an assault magazine in his Kel-Tec.

  2. Fucking clearly the guns fault. I mean, my Gawd, just look at them trying to take human live while forcing themselves in some innocents hand. Confiscate stupid people now.

  3. “People get the government they deserve.”

    Life (and death) on the Serengeti.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Here we see them in their natural state … notice the rituals of life and the quickness with which death can come … observe the sacrifice of the mother as she protects her offspring.
    This is rare in the wild. Usually, the weakest and the slowest are first taken and many will abandon their offspring at the first sign of danger – and we saw with what speed and agility the two males exited the area – one returns in a show of bravado – another to protect the infant.

  5. QMAGA, please save our asses! Come to the Southside after midnight. Make sure your wearing your MAGA hat & have Trump flag on your vehicle. We aim to please.

  6. The ONLY hope to repeal that BS SAFE-T act is IF Darren Bailey can win over Fred FLINTSTONE.
    And that’s ALL folks.
    Chicago and Illinois are DOOMED.

  7. Quit feeding them. Quit housing them. Quit giving them medical care. Just stop, the experiment has failed, as all but leftists knew would happen.

    These are not wild humans, they’re not even feral, they’re just pets that haven’t been disciplined or acculturated to their owner’s requirements.

    If a dog pisses or shits on the carpet you teach it to go outside and it learns. If a cat does the same you don’t waste time teaching (cats don’t learn anything that doesn’t strike their fancy) you just throw its ass out and don’t let it in unattended.

    What Johnson’s ‘great society’ and the left have done to these people in the guise of caring is nothing short of a crime against humanity. When left to fend for themselves, even under institutionally racist policies, they got by and took care of business in their communities. Once reduced to the status of unsupervised pets we see the results, we rightly fear and loathe them.

  8. Way too late Mickey, you’ll need to cut off the southern 1/3 of WI including Milwaukee and Madison. Or just take off and nuke them from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure…


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